How to Make a Glitter Feather Garland (with Pictures)

How to Make a Glitter Feather Garland (with Pictures)

It can be hard to find unique and reasonably priced wedding photo backdrops. Most backdrops range in price but start in the high hundreds. Using only a handful of easily sourced materials you can create a unique look with a feather garland. This garland is the perfect backdrop for photos and can be a unique addition behind cake and gift tables at a wedding reception. Read on to learn how you can create this simple yet stylish garland for your next event!

Tape your feathers down, making sure They’re securely attached to the background. Feathers are naturally curved so you want to make sure They’re taped down flat before you add any spray paint or glitter.

Place the can close to the area you want to spray and apply even pressure while spraying the feathers. Feathers are quite delicate and will blow around if you apply the spray paint too quickly.

While the spray paint is still wet, quickly sprinkle a bit of glitter to the ends of the feathers. This will help your garland catch the light and sparkle!

To finish your feather garland, take a piece of string or twine and tie a double knot around the end of each feather. Leave a half inch to an inch of space between each knot so that the feathers do not group together.

There are so many fun ways to incorporate this unique DIY into your wedding decor. Hang your completed garland behind your cake table or use as decor for a pre−wedding brunch. Αfter the wedding is complete, you can reuse the garland in your house or save for a future party!

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