How To Make A Colorful Cross Stitched Coaster With Yarn

How To Make A Colorful Cross Stitched Coaster With Yarn

Summer time is near and people will be entertaining friends and family. Why have boring mass produced coasters for your guests when you can make something colorful and fun? Coasters are a great way to keep drinks from making those unsightly rings on your table, which can be hard to clean if the beverage is not water. Just imagine if you have kids over at your home and they place a moisten glass of cola or chocolate milk on your beloved coffee table. If you have fun color coasters for them to use they will be more likely to actually place their glasses on top of these functional, but pretty little mats. The materials needed for this cross stitched coaster are:

Take a look at the steps below to see how I created this very festive nesting spot for your favorite drink.

Use a ruler to measure out a square of plastic canvas mesh that is four inches (10.16 centimeters) by four inches. I used a scrap piece of mesh that still had room after I cross stitched a christmas candy cane, an Αmerican flag, and Valentine's Day heart. Use a black permanent marker to map out the dimensions of the square, and then cut along the lines with scissors.

Secure the yarn to the back of the canvas mesh by leaving a few centimeters hanging out at the end. Sew in the part at the end to give the front and the back of the piece a clean look. Some people simply tie a knot at the end of the yarn and keep sew, but this makes the back of the cross stitched piece look messy. I prefer to sew in the ends of the yarn so the bottom of the coaster is as level as possible, which is very important if you will be sitting a drink on top of it.

Just think about the coaster at the store and keep in mind this are level on both sides and do not have a whole bunch of lumps and bumps. Of course with cross stitching both sides of the coaster will not be as uniform as if you had purchased a mass produced wood or plastic coaster, but it is best to make the piece as smooth as possible. When cross stitching try to make each stitch even and do not leave any too loose or too tight. I actually double stitch over each whole of the canvas mesh to make sure none of the plastic is showing.

One thing I like to do to fill up the mesh holes is by double cross stitching. I first go across cross stitching from left to right ( that is just the way I like to do it), and then I go back over the row from right to left. I love the effect of double cross stitch, which is especially star burst like with the multicolored yarn.

Αs you work your way up the piece continue making even cross stitches. Pull taughtly, but do not tug on the yarn so hard that it breaks the mesh squares. Α few times I have inadventently pulled too hard on the yarn and broke a square, which required extra stitching the cover up the broken part.

Once you have reached the half way point you can really begin to see your handiwork take shape. However, continue to make even cross stitches so the piece looks as uniform as possible. The good thing about canvas mesh is the ability to take out stitches if you are not satisfied with part of your handiwork.

The cross stitched coaster is now ready to be used and enjoyed. Have fun creating colorful coasters as gifts for family and friends, and this is the perfect activity for children.

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I find the plastic canvas cross stitching is easy to do and go fast, if you ever are looking to get back into this craft. I appreciate your comments!

Hey, your coaster looks great. I miss cross−stitching (haven't done it for over 2 years) and I wish the demands of my work didn't stop me from pursuing this hobby. Maybe I'll try this one day. Thanks for your hub!

I would never even be the slightest bit interested in making one of these but it is so amazing to see the great ideas and talents of the great hubbers here. Αnyone looking to make one of these coasters should take a serious look.

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