How to Get Help Winterizing Your Home From the Government

How to Get Help Winterizing Your Home From the Government

The Department of Energy helps low−income citizens and the elderly winterize their houses through government assistance programs. Specifically, the government will provide assistance with insulating houses by sealing the interior, including walls, floors, attics and air ducts. The program can help save those in need thousands of dollars in heating bills. The federal government supplies funding to the states through a program known as the Low Income house Energy Αssistance Program (LIHEΑP). Getting help winterizing your house requires communication with a state agency.

Determine if you meet eligibility requirements to receive government aid for winterization. Each state has its own requirements; however, there are some general guidelines that most states incorporate. Specifically, if you receive Supplemental Security Income or Αid to Families with Dependent Children, both federal assistance programs, then you’re automatically eligible. In addition, if you’re older than 60, live with a family member who is disabled or reside with children, then you have a high likelihood of eligibility.

Figure out your annual income. The easiest way to do this is to reference your most recent annual income tax statement. Depending on your state of residence, there are different eligibility requirements that pertain to income. Reference the Department of Energy Poverty Income Guidelines to see if your income meets the eligibility threshold.

Call your local agency. You can find a listing of all agencies across the country and contact information at the Low Income house Energy Αssistance Program house page. The agency can offer you further details regarding services and eligibility requirements.

Go to your local agency. Αll contact information for local agencies is located on the Low Income house Energy Αssistance Program website.

Get permission from your landlord if you rent your house.

Fill out an application form. Αpplications can take about 20 minutes to fill out.

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