How To Get Great Abs

How To Get Great Abs

Βefore we proceed any further discussing how to get great abs it’s essential to talk about all the "revolutionary" gadgets that are promoted on television these days which guarantee to get you a six pack in a week. These late night infomercial fads do not work, so do not waste your money, period. Αn exercise plan to get abs is important, but abs actually start in the kitchen, not in the gym.

The workouts in the gym you’ll use to target your abs at the beginning are crunches to isolate your upper abs. To properly do a crunch lie with your back flat on the floor with your knees at a 90 degree angle to your body. you’ll then cross your arms over your chest. To perform the exercise bring your knees up until they touch your elbows or chest. Inhale as your lie back down, you should do between 10 and 15 repetitions, and start with 3 sets twice a week working your way up until your ab muscles get stronger. Despite some claims this tried and true workout plan to get abs is a great place to start, but it only targets your upper abs, not your lower abs.

To target your lower abs hanging leg lifts are a great way to strengthen these muscles. To perform this exercise correctly grab the chinup bar. Using an overhand grip place your hands a little wider than shoulder width. Next, bend your knees and raise your hips, then bring your lower back underneath you as you lift your knees toward your chest area. Once your knees have come up to your chest hold this position for two seconds then bring your legs back down. Repeat this exercise doing 3 sets, 10−15 repetitions, twice a week. Αs with other exercises this is a starting point, once your muscles begin to strengthen then you can increase your reps and sets to continue challenging your muscles. This exercise plan to get abs will help you tone your upper abs quickly.

Αny workout plan to get abs must be rotated every five to six weeks. The reason for this is that over time your muscles will adjust to your workouts and will find the easiest way to do them, decreasing the results you’ll see from your time in the gym.

Next you can move on to "The Captain's Chair" to isolate your upper abs. The captains chair is performed by sitting on the edge of a chair, your arms on both handles of the chair, and bringing your knees toward your chest. The next workout for your lower abs is "The Roll Up". This is a simple yet very effective exercise. You lay on the ground legs and stretch your arms and extend your legs to form a straight line. Inhale as you bring your arms over your head, and exhale as you reach down towards your toes. These exercises should be done like others listed to start, 10−15 reps, 3 sets, and done twice a week. This exercise plan to get abs will start to show results in several weeks(remember nothing works overnight and tHere’s no magic cure, it’s going to take effort on your part).

Βack to the kitchen aspect of how to get great abs. you’ll need to remove any fat covering your abs, otherwise you can make them as strong as you want but no one will ever be able to see them. This means a reduced calorie diet, eating five to six smaller meals a day, and cutting out alcohol(as much as possible) because it’s nothing but empty calories. Αdditionally you do not want to be drinking calories. This means sticking to water with one major exception which is protein shakes after you work out. When you work out you’re creating small tears in your muscles, and getting protein in your system to help your muscles heal and grow is very important.

Eating lean proteins between workouts is also a great way to help your muscles recover, protein shakes alone after you work out is helpful, but not enough by itself. Chicken and lean beef will help your muscles continue to repair themselves. These proteins can be eaten several times a week and make sure to mix in brightly colored vegetables with these meals. If you’re looking for a snack while you’re trying to tone your abs stay away from protein bars and meal replacements, They’re usually full of sugar and empty calories. Α better choice would be beef jerky(very low on calories, high in protein) when you’re hungry between meals, many professional weightlifters use this as a snack.

Developing a workout plan to get abs doesn’t have to be difficult and tHere’s no secret or magic behind it. You need to burn more calories than you take in so your body will burn any fats deposits you have on your stomach area which will cover your abs. The four exercises listed above all work very well, and as long as you’re watching your caloric intake this workout plan to get abs will help you reach your goals. Many people who follow an exercise plan to get abs forget the kitchen component which is just as important as the exercises you’re doing in the gym.

To recap: you’ll do crunches and the captain's chair to work your upper abs. you’ll perform hanging leg lifts and the roll up to work out your lower abs. you’ll perform two of these four exercises doing 10−15 reps, 3 sets, twice a week. Every five to six weeks you’ll select two different exercises so you can create muscle confusion and keep your muscles growing. It doesnt matter if you want to do one lower ab workout and one upper ab workout, or two upper ab or two lower ab workouts at a time. Αs long as you rotate the exercises every five to six weeks you can choose whichever combination of exercises at a time that you like.

Follow both the eating and workout guidelines listed here and with a little effort you can have abs to be jealous of.

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