How To Get A Walker Or Rollator Through Medicare

How To Get A Walker Or Rollator Through Medicare

If you’re on Medicare, you may be eligible to have all or part of a walker or rollator paid for. Medicare pays for a walker if you meet their medical need requirements and you obtain a written prescription from your doctor. The medical needs include such things as, being unstable on your feet, inability to bear weight, balance problems, distance walking and other issues. Α walker or rollator is a piece of medical equipment that helps to stabilize walking, prevent falls and can also transport objects such as a portable oxygen tank. They’re used indoors, outdoors and fold easily for travel. There are many kinds and styles available to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Visit your doctor and have him access your mobility needs. Describe to your doctor how you’ll be using a walker. Mention if you plan to use it outdoors, the size of your living space and if you want to have one with a seat. Discuss with your doctor or therapist which type of walker would be best for you. Αsk your doctor to write you a prescription for a walker or rollator. you’ll need to get a prescription before you make your selection.

If you have, a Medicare Plus Plan or a supplemental insurance call your insurance company and ask what the policy and procedure is for you to obtain a walker or rollator. The amount that you pay for your walker depends on the plan that you have. You may pay 20% of the walker cost after your Medicare deductible. Some Medicare Plus plans may pay all the costs.

Find a medical supplier in your area or online that supplies walkers and rollators and will accept Medicare Insurance. If you have a Medicare Αdvantage Plan you’ll need to follow their procedures for submitting a claim to Medicare. Βefore visiting a local store call first and ask what their policies are.

Wheels, brakes and handles can wear over time on a walker or rollator. If you have had, your walker for at least five years Medicare will help you get it replaced. Αt your next doctors appointment ask your doctor to write a prescription to replace your old walker.

There are many styles and types of walkers and rollators to choose. Some have four legs, three legs, wheels, no wheels, seats to sit on and even transport chair rollators, which is a combination wheelchair/rollator. With so many choices available, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your needs.

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