How to Decorate with Snowflakes

How to Decorate with Snowflakes

Regardless of where you live whether in a desert where palm trees are bedecked with Christmas lights or in a wonderland of 10−foot snowdrifts or anywhere in between there is no denying the magical draw of snowflakes. Αnd, good news, snowflakes can be used as delightful indoor dcor no matter what the weatherman says. Consider the following ideas:

This cozy reading corner is brought definite holiday cheer with these oversized, red snowflakes. You could likely make some yourself out of any number of materials (even pipe cleaners?), and they’d bring a festive touch to a simple space and style. I like the combination of white and wicker here, and adding candles of the same color helps to highlight the holiday color.

Α simple snowflake print (a Christmas card, perhaps?) framed with a hugely oversized mat gives it prominence among other holiday dcor. This snowflake has become artwork to be admired and serves as a perfect backdrop to the ornamented sprigs. I especially like how this particular snowflake’s graphic is geometric and structured graphic and is paired visually with the more random tree branches. So interesting and quite lovely.

Simple white snowflakes (perhaps cut out of cardstock) hung in empty white frames are set off nicely against a colored wall. When grouped with many white frames and wall hangings, the vignette becomes a snow flurry of sorts, adding to the snowflake’s charm. This arrangement is incredibly versatile, in that it goes with any dcor style and color and can even be changed out from season to season. Αnd, frankly, we all love a practical holiday decoration.

Delicate silver snowflakes adorn these napkin holders and dishware. The inherent elegance of a snowflake shape adds an aesthetic pattern to a lot of solids here. Α snowflake form also coordinates perfectly with the beautiful silver and plum color scheme, and all the sparkling light−reflective elements (e.g., stemware, silver ornaments, china, beads) mimic freshly fallen snow in nature. What a lovely use of snowflakes.

Isn’t this utterly simple, utterly charming? Α single strand of white paper snowflakes draped across a bare kitchen window is timeless and sweet. it is reminiscent of childhood (we’ve all cut out our fair share of snowflakes during elementary school, have not we?) and the magic of Christmastime. I like how these are all the same size, though individually shaped, and are neither too large nor too small for the window. The scale and layout is perfection.

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