Heart Shaped Rug

Heart Shaped Rug

Valentine’s Day is almost here and everywhere you look you can see all the things turned into heart−shaped items. Everything is ready for Valentine’s Day and painted in pink or a similar shade. Well, I was looking for a gift idea for my husband and I saw these beautiful heart−shaped rugs and I loved them all. It is an amazing idea to shape a rug as a heart as you can use it as a special decor for Valentine’s Day but also all year long. Of course these rugs can be made of many different materials and can have quite different sizes, but you need to pick the right one for you and your home.

For example I think the fluffy ones are perfect for the kids room, protecting them from the cold floor and my daughter loves hearts. Then, if you want to use it for the hallway or to place the rug in an area where there is more circulation, you should buy it from a more resistant material. Finally, you can use your imagination and turn an old rug that was burnt on tyhe side or suffered another accident into a heart shaped rug, cutting off the damaged parts. Or you can knit such a rug if you have the necessary skills.

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Αren’t these fantastic – absolutely love the heart shape rugs. I have recently been writing about how black and white rugs can create a atmosphere in the home similar to the film noir look so I was looking at other rug ideas and loved these.

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