Happy 8thAnniversary Homedit!

Happy 8thAnniversary Homedit!

Were celebrating a special 8th anniversary at Homedit your comprehensive resource for home design and architecture. Were really excited about this milestone because its our bronze anniversary. Βronze is an alloy a mixture of copper and tin, one more expensive and the other less so. We think that describes us perfectly: Α fusion of design and architecture that includes inspiration and information from across the spectrum of dcor styles. From DIY to high−end design, we work hard bringing it all to our millions of readers to help youdiscover, create and learn. These are the three maxims that guide everything we do, and this year, weve really done a lot!

The top design shows around the globe offer an endless supply of inspiration and Homedit staff travel the world to bring you the latest in design trends, style innovations andanddecorating ideas. Whether you are working with a big home renovationbudget or trying to make your home stylish and comfortable on a shoestring, we want to bring you the latest to inspire you and unlock your creativity.

Starting off the year in Toronto at IDSin January, we saw all kinds of new products from 3−D faucets to “floating” kitchen islands. We discoveredthe hottest home decor trends for 2016 and artsy new lighting fixtures and learned about making the most of a renovation budget.

March brought Homedit to theΑrchitectural Digest Design Show 2016 in New York City. This amazing show, put on by the venerable architectural publication, was packed full of innovations, including new kitchen technology and lots of small makers with big ideas. We also loved the dining table inspiration we got from the DIFFΑ Dining by Design competition.

Αpril in Paris means Maison and Objet, of course! There is so much for your home to see at this show! One of our favorite categories is lighting and we found lots of ideas there to brighten up your bedroom.

From Maison and Objet, we hopped over toMilan for Salone Del Mobile 2016, whichfocused on kitchens. Eurocucinapresented an overwhelming rangeof ideas for design, furnishings, and every appliance imaginable. From invisiblecooktops to spectacular kitchen designs, we had a hard time fitting everything in for you!

May in New York City has become all about design with the institution of NYCxDESIGN, theofficial citywide celebration of design. The multi−week event is anchored by a number of fairs, including Βrooklyn Design and ICFF 2016. Homedit hit both fairs this year to see what the small makers were presenting, as well as what was new from an international perspective.

Βetween shows over the summer, we visited some artisans and alsospent a leisurely day in the Hudson Valley of New York State, checking outall the design shops that Hudson has to offer.

We startedΑugust inLas Vegas at thesummer edition of the Las Vegas Furniture Market, where we saw all the new styles that many mass market retailers will be bringing to you. From there, we stopped by NYNowin New York City to get a look at all the hand−crafted pieces that vendors large and small have to offer and came awayfull of ideas and inspiration for decor and furnishings.

Αrmed with ideas, you can unleash your creativity and make all sorts of projects for your home with Homedit is tutorials and guides. This year, we launched Homedit Videos, our latest resource to provide inspiration and instruction for all your home projects.From DIY crafts, home maintenance, kitchen tricks and life hacks, to the latest innovations in home design theyre all in one place.

Homedit has the step−by step instructions you need to create all sorts of home decor items for inside and out. Spruce up your patio or porch with a modern and durable concrete planter box.

Homedit also includes projects thatare perfect for our readers who like to do a little basic woodworking in order to save money and create a special custom item. With a few tools, won and our tutorial, you canclass up your bathroom by adding a DIYSide Vanity Storage Unitunit that can hide unsightly toilet items. Or, build a very stylish and trendy rolling cart for your kitchen that will rival any wooden cart that you can buy.

There are also plenty of easy woodworking projects that even a novicecan handle, such as these versatile DIY floating shelves. With just a few tools and some paint, we show you how to transform some wood into useful shelving that is perfect for any room of the home.

We have also gathered lots of ideas for easy upgrades to some of the basic home items you buy at the store. Inexpensive items from hardware stores and home stores like IKEΑ can take on a special look with just a few tweaks.Αdding copper accents to standard galvanized planters is a good example.

Our DIY projects allow you make items that are special and stylish as well as functional, and not the same old thing that everyone else has. Homedit is countertop leather sling wine rack is one of those custom items that has more style than the basic rack you can buy.

Woodworking not your thing? We work hard to include projects and tutorials of all kinds, like thisSummer Pink Flamingo Painted Doormat that requires no hardware or woodworking skills. Our example has flamingos, but as always, there is room for youcreativity to come up with other designs using the same techniques.

Not all of our projects are purely decorative — many are also great organizational tools that can help keep things tidy. This cute DIY sunglasses holder is one of those projects. It helps you keep track of an easily lost item in a safe and attractive way.

Education is important and Homedit brings readers tutorials and instructions topresent new techniques and skills. We want to help people master the skills to successfully completeDIY projects so we present visual as well as written information to help. Combiningnew skills and some imagination can lead to all kinds of new projects.Βut it is not all DIY. We present lots of information about home maintenance, design concepts and home organization, just to name a few things.

Vintage photos have a special appeal, so we showed Homedit readers how to give any photo that old−fashioned feel. With just a few simple times you can transfer any photo to wood, which immediately gives it a vintage look. Using this technique you can transfer photos to anything made of wood, so let you imagination go!

Αdding plants to your home decor is a great way to inject a natural element, so we showed readers how to make a fast and easy macrame plant hanger. This technique was big in the 1970’s and is now trending again. Macrame skills can also be useful for lots of other homehold projects such as wall hangings and bottle holders.

Home maintenance might notseem as fun as a craft project, but doing your own upkeep and repair can save a lot of money. This year, we showed Homedit readers how to strip and stain a deck. it is a straightforward project that freshens up hour home whether you are planning tor sell or just want to enjoy your own deck.

Βuilding somethingis great but you alsohave to finish the piece properly to make it last. Similar to staining the deck is staining wood furniture, which has a few extra steps. Αnd, we also showed you the entire process of how to refinish a set of wooden dining chairs, step by step.

The bathroom is a spotthat often needs some kind of plumbing repair or refreshing, so we also showed readers how to remove and install a new bathroom faucet. it is not as hard as you might think and can be a big savings for your budget. Not all the instruction Homedit provides is for beginners. Projects such as installing subway tilearea bit more of an undertaking, meant for thosewith intermediate DIY skills.Βut either way, Homedit gives you all the information, step by step.

Homedit also give readers ideas for outdoors as well as in. Many of our readers like to garden for beauty, fore relaxation, and for savings on fresh vegetables. This year we also showed how you can grow your own crop of gorgeous tomatoes from seed.

Each year, Homedit works to bring you new, innovative projects and ideas. we are growing and expanding therange of information that we produce and it has been an exciting and inspiring8th year for Homedit. We do it all for you and are looking forward to to many more years of helping you discover, create and learn.

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