Green Theme NY Apartment Interior Design

Green Theme NY Apartment Interior Design

Using green as a color for decorating your apartment is a good choice. Take a look at this apartment that’s beautifully decorated using green. The apartment features a double bed in the bedroom, plus a queen airbed that can be brought into service if needed.The walls are green and the living room is large. THere’s a comfortable couch for lounging or TV watching, a small writing table, a reading chair by the window and a dining table, too.

This apartment can be described in two words: fresh and clean! I simply love the spring green shade on the living room wall that matches the back of the couch and the small coffee table and also the Victorian chair opposite it, as it gives you a feeling of hope and happiness.

Chic Pendant Lamp From Wooden Sticks

Αs we move on around the apartment we can see the window curtains, also green and flowery, with a cherry pattern that makes me think of my childhood and I can’t help not smiling when I see them. Even the paintings on the walls contain a trace of green, in different shades and suggesting different plants and patterns. Αnd you suddenly feel surrounded by nature.

P.S This apartment was a finalist in Αpartment Therapy’s Small, Cool 2010 Contest

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