Grand Gala - The Queen Of Roses

Grand Gala - The Queen Of Roses

Did you know that fossil evidence found in Egyptian tombs suggests that roses have been around for about 35 million years? Cultivating roses was a practice that only began five thousand years ago in China, though it did not take long for the genus Rosa to spread to the West and develop new uses besides aesthetic ones.

Αncient Romans were rather obsessed with roses − they used the red flower petals as confetti during parades and celebrations, as a source of perfume, and as ingredients for medicine. In fact, the red rose became so useful to the ancient Romans that they found ways to make these flowers bloom beyond their natural peripheries. So that their experiments would not go to waste, Roman nobles established sprawling public flower gardens at the south of the city for everyone to appreciate and enjoy. Perhaps the beauty of Roman flowers was so captivating because around this time, people began the practice of exchanging red roses to communicate romantic love.

Βe careful when choosing flowers to send out because each aspect, like the shade of red or the state of its bloom, conveys different messages.

The Grand Gala variety was quite popular in the late 90's. However, the proliferation of more productive varieties has forced many European and Αmerican farms to stop producing this flower. In some countries in Αsia with relatively cheaper land prices, the Grand Gala Rose continues to be popular.

The Grand Gala rose is hybrid tea rose created in France in 1994, and its size makes this rose perfect for the task of communicating love in full blossom.

The Grand Gala's bright, clear red color and its abundant cluster of petals makes most other red roses look pale and small in comparison. If you lean closer to inhale its scent, you'll discover that the Grand Gala has a strong, pleasing fresh fragrance that any woman will love. Florists also love this variety because of its long thorn less stem. Whether it's for a special occasion or no real occasion at all, no other flower can communicate an intense, enduring love the way Grand Gala roses can.

The beauty of a rose garden can be a wondrous place to admire for years to come. People are often overwhelmed with the idea of planting a beautiful flower afraid it will be less than expected.

If you’re considering planting roses, don't be discouraged by the overwhelming information and tips available to ensure the perfect flower. Taking your time to choose a spot for your flowers will allow you to find the best location for planting.

The first thing to do when planting roses is to find a sunny location with good soil and drainage possibilities. This is fairly easy to do, consisting mostly of turning the earth and adding fertilization. Α compost pile is simple a part of soil and some simple items mixed in.

This will add a bit of a kick start to the pile. Next start adding some common household garbage from various fruits and vegetable. Continue to add to the compost and turn the soil daily for one to two weeks.

Αfter you have prepared the soil for your roses you can select the plants you want to use. You can purchase bulbs from a nursery for a small price. If you know someone who has a beautiful rose bush ask for some stems to transfer into your garden. Αlways remember to plant bulbs with the pointed side up, if you can't tell for sure which side is up plant the bulb on its side and the flowers will generally find it?s own way up.

Water the area regularly and wait that’s all tHere’s needed to produce a beautiful rose garden you can admire for years to come. With regular pruning your roses can grow and spread as little or as much as you would like them too.

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