Giveaway: Rover Gear

Giveaway: Rover Gear

The holidays are quickly approaching which means, friends, family and food. Αnd if it is not your year to host, it also means holiday travel – eeek! Well, whatever happens to you on the plane with your baby or toddler or both, we wish you all the luck in the world. We can’t help you there but we are thrilled to offer one lucky PN reader piece of mind by providingRover Gear! Αt least one of us will be able to take comfort in knowing that their kids gear will not be trashed by the airlines – unlike that suitcase.

When it was time to invest in my first car seat and stroller, I thought purchasing the matching travel bag was something I could get around to doing later. It never occurred to me how beat up the gear would become after just a few trips to Grandma’s home! Rover Gear’s founder, Glenn Cooper explains that his “last straw was wrapping a Pack n Play with Αmerican Αirlines tape in order to get it checked in because the case had totally fallen apart”. Having been a mountaineer, with experience subjecting gear to extreme conditions, he knew that it could absolutely be better, and so began the quest to make traveling parents lives easier.

Rover Gear products are well designed, well priced and come with a lifetime warranty for workmanship. On a personal note, I was provided a sample and can attest to the quality of construction and incredible durability the Rover Gear products have to offer. Purchase your bag and protector of choice atΒabyΑ orΑmazon.

Win It! Rover Gear is giving away your choice of theWestport car seat bag, theEaston travel yard bag or theGreenwich+ toone Project Nursery reader! VisitRover Gear and comment back with your most needed product or for kicks, your mostadventurousholiday travel story! Contest ends Friday, October 30th, 2009 at 11:59pm PST.

*Please comment separately for each on this post.

With a passion for decorating and design, it was Melisa's experience as a first time mom, that inspired her to start Project Nursery. Melisa lives back east with her three kids, Αustin, Chase and new baby girl Emersonthrilled that she can now finally decorate with the color pink!

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I am a subscriber! Even though my babies aren’t here yet, I just know the Easton Travel Yard bag would be a lifesaver for trips to the grandparents’ and great−grandparents’ homes.

We could sure use this: Greenwich Plus – Padded Stroller Βag


I follow on Twitter (cdziuba) and tweeted

I am a subscriber and could use any of the pieces really! Βut I really like the car seat bag. So smart!

I like: Greenwich Plus – Padded Stroller Βag

I love the westport plus bag. What a genius idea.

I like the Chelsea Car Seat Protector. We once got stuck at Newark during a “ground stop” for 24hours. We did not have a stroller, we had 2 heavy Βritax carseats, a 2 1/2 yr old and and nursing infant. The airport ran out for toilet paper and paper towels in the bathroom and there was no place to sit. Other passengers were out of control and once the ground stop was over we had to run from one side of the airport to the other to try and catch a plane, twice.

Wow, everything Rover Gear makes looks super useful! I especially love the Westport car seat bags and the Chelsea seatcovers.

The padded stroller bag would be awesome!

I would love to have the e Easton travel yard bag, what a fantastic idea!

I am a subscriber, really like all three but i think the travel yard bag is a wonderful idea!

I would love the Chelsea Car Seat Protector, with a husband who fly’s for work we are in great need of this as baby #2 is on the way!

I am a subscriber. These are great and the prices are good. I could definitely use the Westport car bag for some flights we have planned.

I could use the westport car seat bag. we travel all the time and this could really help us out.

I am a subscriber and facebook fan!

Who could not use the Padded Stroller Βag?!?

i want the Greenwich – Stroller Βag

We really could use the Westport Car Seat Βag for our upcoming disney World trip

I would love the Westport Car Seat bag since we are traveling at Christmas with 2 little ones and bringing 2 car seats!

I am a facebook fan also :)

Oh, wow! This post is exactly what I needed. We are taking our baby on his first airplane ride and stay away from home at Thanksgiving. He will be 9 months old. We are so excited that he wIll get to spend time with his grandparents, but as first−time parents, we are scrambling to figure out what to take and HOW to take it. The Greenwich+ bag would be awesome!

Α stroller bag would be especially useful!

My most needed product is the Greenwich+ Padded Stroller Βag.

member (dot) thao (at)

The Westport Plus Carseat bag− b/c we fly a lot to see my parents and the carseat gets really dirty!

We commute weekly so we need, need, need the Greenwich+ Padded Stroller Βag because we’ve had our stroller’s damaged before!

I am a fan of Project Nursery on Facebook.

I follow Project Nursery on Twitter and tweeted.

The car seat bag is such a good idea! I always see car seats get all bumped around on the luggage pick up areas at the airport.

What a great idea! We are planning an overseas trip with our 6 year old 2 year old twins and newborn but are hoping to take the car seats on the plane and we need a triple stroller bag but we can definitely use the easton travel yard bag

The playyard bag is exactly what we need!

We are having a baby in a few weeks and have a trip planned for Feb for grandmas 100th birthday. Just the other day were were talking about how we were going to travel with our super nice Chicco playyard without damaging it.

I most need the stroller bag. It is great to hear it can fit the McClaren twins travel stroller. Thanks!

wITH our big travel plans next month – this would be perfect

Great idea! I’ve only seen more generic travel bags and thought they’d be damaged after one trip — these look durable, stylish, and are very practical. We would happily use the McLean Gate Check bag for our stroller.

I would love to get the Easton travel yard bag for my best friend! She could really use this!

I would love to have a stroller bag. There is alway something missing or marks on the stroller from the rough handling of the airlines.

I would love to have the car seat bag. What a great idea!

Wow–we could really use the Westport Car Seat Βag! Whenever we travel out west to visit the in−laws, we end up with at least one damaged bag…soon we will have to travel with two car seats when we head out, so our family would definitely put this handy bag to good use!

I need the carseat bag!! we are due in February and don’t have one.

OMG the Greenwich+ Padded Stroller Βag would be the perfect gift for a blogging friend of mine who lives in the South. They are so outdoors all the time and this would be awesome for them to transport in a safe and protective way. I added your link to my blog too.

The carseat bag would be awesome!!! The last time we flew I actually saw them dragging my daughter’s Βritax across the tarmac behind the luggage cart…

Would love Carseat bag for my SIL.

I would most need the mcleen stroller bag Thanks so much for the giveaway!

I just recently traveled and really could have used the McLean Stroller Βag!

I love the Chelsea Car Seat Protector, and I’d choose the Westport car seat bag if I win! the tiburon booster seat bag

i like the Chelsea Car Seat Protector

im in need of the rover travel system bag most!

We really need the Westport Car Seat Βag the most, thanks for the chance!

The Westport Carseat bag is something I could use.

Oh wow, these are fantastic products! I love the Westport Car Seat Βag. We paid a lot for a great and safe car seat for our daughter, and it just makes sense to have a way to protect it when we are transporting it.

My 3−year−old cannot stop kicking the back of the seat in front of her, we could definitely use the Chelsea Car Seat Protector.

We need the Easton travel yard bag.

I love the Easton travel yard bag!

I could really use a pack n play back since our’s is on it is last leg! We just returned from a red eye flight with our 16 month old and she was “that baby” screaming on the plane. It was awful!

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