Fusion Dcor: Home Accents Combining Cultures And Art Forms

Fusion Dcor: Home Accents Combining Cultures And Art Forms

If you’re looking for fusion dcor for your house, you’ll have to travel far to find anything better than a gorgeous crystal rock metal wall sculpture. Α fusion of metal and rock in wonderful green blue and deep red shades, these two panels cover 36 x 12 inches of your wall with nothing less than sensational color.

Fusion dcor is different things to different people, but it’s hard to find better than this. However, for something unusual, why not try a fusion of whites: an oriental white dragon resting on a wooden base, and holding an occidental white lampshade is a fusion of the East and the West in the form of a beautiful lamp fit to grace any room in your house.

These two house accents are individual examples of fusion dcor of differing types, but are not the only examples. Here’s how you can apply the principle to various rooms in your house or office:

Βy using the beautiful white oriental lamp described above, along with the multi−color wall panel and a 32.5 inch tall Moroccan Kansara vase, you’ll have created a fusion of cultures that will look great in any living room. The rich bright colors of the hand−painted design on the vase perfectly fuse with the simplicity of the white lamp, with the colorful metal wall sculpture bringing the two together.

There are many other variations you can use to express this theme of fusing different cultures and decorative styles to provide a unique way of furnishing and decorating your living room − or any room in fact. Here’s another example for your dining room:

Your dining table will look magnificent by fusing a beautiful lilac French table runner, woven with floral motifs and butterflies, with a set of simple 6 inch square polished aluminum pedestal candle holders, and a fabulous heavy glass bowl resting on top of a 28 inch high x 17 inch wide scrolled metal stand. Αll of these can be found online.

The candle holders can be used with either plain white candles, or scented candles in a color that matches the 70 inch long table runner. You could use the glass bowl to hold floating candles or a selection of fruits. The fusion of these three decorative elements produces a stunning yet very simple effect that would grace any table.

you’ll no doubt be able to think of many other possible ways in which you can use this concept in your own house. However, it’s not only in the house that you can fuse disparate decorative elements together. Many apply the idea to their office − either their house office or at their place of work.

Three types of item that you could fuse in your office are a globe, a decorative wall sculpture and some simple desk furniture and accessories. The globe is practical, but should not overpower the other decorative elements in your office. The whole idea of fusion is that one element doesn’t dominate, but that they all combine to provide interesting decor that also has a purpose.

In your living room, for example, you have the lamp that’s used for lighting, the vase that can be used for flowers or just as a decorative element, and the purely decorative wall sculptures. In the dining room you have the decorative but functional table runner, the candles which are always good on a dining table and the large glass bowl that’s very decorative, but also has a functional aspect to it.

In the office, your functional items could include a floor−standing globe of around 16 inches diameter held in a magnificent polished hardwood stand around 39 inches high. You can fuse this with a wall sculpture, perhaps in the form of an antelope's skull with spiral horns, 45 inches high and 35 inches wide. This would provide a loose connection with the globe, and both of these fused with a polished metal and black leather desk set, including pen and stand, letter opener, memo pad holder and magnifier.

The whole idea of fusion dcor is a combination of different elements, such as different cultures, colors or functions. The above example of office dcor fuses the functions of the decorative horns, the functional but decorative globe and the fully functional desk set that also looks good your desk.

There are many other ways in which you can use fusion dcor to your advantage, and the above are just a few examples of how to select items to offer your house or office a unique decorative yet functional look that not only will many admire, but that will also provide a topic for conversation and discussion.

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