From Tree to Table: 10 Projects for You & Your Home Featuring Wood

From Tree to Table: 10 Projects for You & Your Home Featuring Wood

From furniture to artwork to accessories, tHere’s something timeless about hand−crafted wood pieces. The older it gets, the prettier it gets. Here are 10 DIY projects you can create out of wood that have a classic, rustic appeal and will have you channeling your inner lumberjack.

Cardboard beer carriers serve a purpose, but a wooden caddy is a much cooler way to carry a six−pack of cold ones. Stroll into any party carrying this DIY caddy and youll wow partygoers when you tell them its handmade. The attached bottle opener will earn you even more bragging rights.

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One of lifes simplest pleasures is taking a long bike ride on a nice day. Every good bike needs a basket, though. This wooden crate−style basket has a sweet vintage charm and is perfect for toting anything from farmers market goodies to beach bags.

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Picture frames are one way of displaying your favorite photos. Βut heres how you can step it up a notch: transfer photos onto pieces of wood. The natural texture of a wood print adds an element of the outdoors and lends visual interest to your desk or shelf. Plus, you can personalize your print with any image or text.

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Weekends are meant for lazy mornings in bed, lingering under the warmth of covers. Α charming wooden breakfast tray gives you the perfect excuse to hunker down for a cozy breakfast in bed. Snuggle up and enjoy the paper or catch up on your favorite TV shows.

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Its nice to greet visitors with a heartwarming message that makes them feel welcome. This wooden chalkboard sign gives an extra special touch with a handwritten sentiment. Customize it with a warm greeting and hang it on your front door or a wall in your house.

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Framed prints and paintings are nice, but 3−D wooden pop art is even better. Trace and cut any silhouette of your liking and spruce up your walls with this interesting artwork. Its woodsy material is unique and the possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing the color, pattern and shape.

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When it comes to kitchen organization, a jumbled drawer of knives and carving tools just doesnt cut it. Problem solved with this rustic knife rack, which is an efficient and attractive way of organizing your cutlery. Its wooden texture and weathered finish lends a vintage farmhouse feel to your kitchen walls.

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The great outdoors is so pretty why not bring some of it indoors? This wooden planter table allows you to display the colors and textures of nature in a corner of your house or workspace. Its orange hairpin legs add a bit of color and brighten up any room.

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Coffee tables are the heart of any living room they really pull a space together. This DIY table looks so high−end that your guests will never believe you made it with your own hands. The sleek hairpin legs add an industrial flair yet the rustic tones in the wood create the right amount of warmth and texture to invite conversation.

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Its great to have a bit of greenery in your house to soften the corners and bring a touch of nature inside. The clean lines of this wooden plant stand will elevate your space with its cool mid−century style, and you can rotate any plants youd like into the pot.

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