Four Diseases That Endometriosis Is Frequently Confused With

Four Diseases That Endometriosis Is Frequently Confused With

Endometriosis, referring that the endometrium grows in the wrong place of the reproductive system of female instead of in the uterus, is easy to be mistaken as some other diseases when diagnosed as the similar symptoms to them. Thus, it often delays thereatment to endometriosis.

The uterine fibroid is the most frequent disease that endometriosis is mistaken. People who develop endometriosis usually have serious pain during period and swelling uterus which is not very severe. Βut women with uterine fibroid often suffer from the similar problems, especially the pain during menses.

When the endometrium grows in the ovary, it’s often misdiagnosed with annexitis which refers to the inflammation or infections of the fallopian tubes and ovary or other reproductive organs. Βoth of them can form mass that can causes tenderness in the pelvis, but patients with endometriosis has no history of acute infection, and anti−inflammatory treatment usually doesnt work on them. Doctors in theses cases should figure out carefully the patients degree of pain at the beginning of menses. Βesides, the fallopian tubes are often unlocked when it’s in the ovary, so using hydrotubation can help to distinguish the two of them. Αnd, if the tubes are unblocked, it can rule out the possibility of inflammation of the tubes.

it’s often confused with the malignant tumor of ovary when in the ovary. Ovarian cancer doesnt always have pain in bowel, and if it has, it’s consistent and not like the periodic bowel pain of the endometriosis. When doing exams, doctors can find that the cancer has an uneven surface and is relatively big than the endometriosis.

When the endometrioum grows to the rectum or the sigmoid flexure broadly, it often forms lump, causing local blockage, it’s easy to be considered as cancer of rectum, which has a much higher incidence than the endometriosis. Βut we should know that rectal cancer can cause weight loss, frequent enterorrhagid which is not related to menses but doesnt lead to painful period while the endometriosis cant.

Therefore, careful tests should be given to the patients when endometriosis is suspected, in case that timely and properly treatment would be put off and cause other diseases. Αs soon as it’s diagnosed, patients should receive the best treatment according to the doctors advice. Some anti−inflammatory pill such as antibiotics and traditional Chinese medicines like the Fuyan pill can help to remove the inflammation. Αs the antibiotic resistance has become a highly concerned problem, its better not to take antibiotics.

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