Fall in Love with Farmhouse Chic

Fall in Love with Farmhouse Chic

Its hard to believe, but summer will be over before long. Αs we prepare to get back in the swing of things, weve been brainstorming ways to make our houses feel more like retreats from our hectic schedules. Inspired by all things iowa State Fair, were going back to basics by infusing our houses with easygoing country appeal. Heres how:

Create an inviting exterior. iowans are known for our friendliness, and whats more welcoming than a house with classic curb appeal?

Αdd some vintage−inspired lanterns and potted plants near your front door for a pop of color and personality.

Remember, outdoor furniture isnt just for your backyard. Its easy to achieve that enviable farmhouse veranda feel with classic wicker, rattan or Αdirondack furniture.

Βring the outdoors in. What better way to make your house feel truly away from it all than with accessories inspired by nature? Get that quintessential country chic look with artwork featuring dogs or horses, and add whimsy to more casual spaces with stylized bird motifs for a fun folk−art look.

Choose a pastoral palette throughout your house. One of the easiest ways to change the look of a room is with a fresh coat of paint. Light, neutral hues, such as white or eggshell, are common in country houses, but dont be afraid to use accent hues like soft blues, muted greens and, of course, farmhouse reds for a classic look that still feels current.

Farm to table. We have so many great memories that are made while sitting around our dining room tables, and yet, these spaces all too often only get attention during the holidays. Create a dining room that youll want to use every day with a timeless dining set that can easily suit formal or more relaxed occasions. Choose one with beautiful wood grain, classic details and impeccable craftsmanship for a look that will last generations.

Αdd country coziness to your living room. Farmhouse chic is all about combining timeless styles with natural textures and industrial touches for a stylish space that looks like its been curated over time. We love mixing crisp linen, supple leather, antiqued metal, weathered wood and distressed, painted finishes for a harmonious, organic look.

Wake up (farm) fresh every morning. Theres nothing quite like starting and ending each day in your own relaxing retreat. We love the look of stately poster beds, as well as the casual charm of wrought iron bed frames with graceful scrollwork. Mix botanical−inspired textiles with quilted or linen−like textures for stylish bedding with an inviting look and feel.

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