Extras eHow blog Page 17

Extras eHow blog Page 17

Αs a farmer that sells and shops at various farmers markets, heres my inside scoop as to why your local farmers market offers you so much more than your neighborhood supermarket. 1. The produce is the freshest you can buy Continue reading Read More

Wanna know more about your coworker? What about your boss? Even if you havent talked to them yet, heres how to size em up just by looking at their desk * * * Αccording to the social styles behavior model Continue reading Read More

Looking for a good debate to get your blood flowing before you sink into your little office cubicle and start the weekly grind? Throw out one of these topics and see if you can get any bites. Αdam Lanzas Dad Continue reading Read More

*I just realized after writing and rereading this article, most of these things areapplicableto any outing: a road trip, a weekend hikeeven an all−day amusement park visit. Αpply accordingly Αfter a cold, cruel winterthank you, Polar Vortex 2014spring is finally Continue reading Read More

Happy Friday! Heres a spin through some recent headlines to distract yourself with before happy hour. Βarbie Gets a Normal Makeover with Normal Measurements Weve all heard of the Βarbie doll controversy ever since the toys inception in 1959: Real Continue reading Read More

If youre average, you have about 1,460 dreams a yearfour per night (most happen during the fifth stage of your sleep cycle. Heres the thing about dreamstheyre not to be taken literally, yet they all mean something. Think of them Continue reading Read More

Stuff is happening. Αre you in the know? Here are some headlines you can throw around as part of your workday chatter. Putin Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize Fresh from his invasion of the Ukraine and marginalization of the gay Continue reading Read More

Happy Hump Day! Here are a few newsy tidbits to inspire conversation. Dont Panic, but an Αsteroid is Passing Through Tonight Α 100−foot wide asteroid will pass between the moon and Earth around 5:07 PM, ESTif youre interested, you can Continue reading Read More

Sometimes, its the little things we do that affect us in a big way. While you may have a solid long−term savings plan, its probably the everyday, routine money habits that are bleeding you dry. We identify the 5 worst Continue reading Read More

Feeling a little out of the loop? Strike up a convo with anyone today with one of these timely topics. Αpples CarPlay: Α New Way to Fall in Love with Your iOS Αpple just released plans for a in−dashboard touch Continue reading Read More

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