Enjoying Flexibility With Sliding Room Dividers

Enjoying Flexibility With Sliding Room Dividers

Walls seem so permanent and drastic compared to sliding doors or sliding room dividers…The wonderful advantage of having sliding room dividers is that they are incredibly flexible and allow you to juggle with your spaces however you want. Open up a room, close it off for privacy or use the dividers however you want.

Enclose the sleeping area with sliding dividers if you have a studio apartment or if you simply enjoy having an open floor plan. This way you will be able to link it to the rest of the space and still enjoy all the privacy you need.

There are two possibilities. The sliding room dividers can either be floor−to−ceiling and cover the entire space or they can be partial dividers and leave a bit of open space above. It all depends on whether or not you want an unbroken ceiling.{found on incorporatedny}.

Sliding dividers can be used to separate any two spaces. Α very practical option is to use them to separate the living room or other social spaces from the kitchen or bar area. The screens are quite interesting in this case, creating a Moroccan−inspired look.{found on joeldessaules}.

Αnother great possibility is to separate the bedroom and the home office with sliding dividers. These two spaces are often combined and you can still have that look whenever you wish. Close off the workspace at night so you can relax properly.{found on rivoliinteriordesign}.

This master bedroom is linked to a cozy sitting area which can be hidden behind sliding panels whenever desired. The two spaces can also become one, transforming the bedroom into a much more spacious room.{found on cindyray}.

Of course, sliding dividers can also be used in numerous other situations. For example, they can separate or connect the dining room and living area. These two rooms are often part of the same open floor plan but it is useful to be able to use them separately if needed.{found on 38spatial}.

Consider the possibility to be able to divide a more spacious home office into two separate zones. One can be the actual workspace with the desk and storage and the other can be a social area or a space where you unwind or search for new ideas. You can either divide these two areas or use them as one.{found on sjdny}.

Sliding glass dividers can allow you to make the most of the layout if, for example, you use them to separate an L−shape floor plan. One portion can be the dining space or a sitting area and the other can be a media room or living space.{found on creativemirror}.

Instead of permanently separating one area from the rest of the open floor plan, a more flexible option is to use sliding space dividers. Αnd if you don’t design them to go all the way up to the ceiling, you can maintain an open look throughout even when this particular area is enclosed.{found on dividersusa}.

If glass room dividers don’t match your style or the dcor in your home, try something different. For example, how about some sliding barn door dividers to separate two rustic spaces? they are actually quite elegant, with their robust look and beautiful stain.

Perhaps the most advantageous option is to use sliding room dividers for the kitchen. This way you can have an open floor plan but you can still separate this particular area from the rest of the space if need be.{found on butlerarmsden}.

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