Eclectic small studio apartment by Ike Bahadourian

Eclectic small studio apartment by Ike Bahadourian

This simple and cozy studio apartment was designed by Ike Βahadourian. The layout of the room influenced the rest of the dcor and the type and location of the furniture. The apartment has cement walls and tubes near the ceiling. These elements have been preserved as such for a more authentic and unique look.

This small apartment has a simple and eclectic interior. It has an industrial look ad yet its cozy and inviting as a rustic house. The furniture is very simple and sometimes even unfinished. In the living room, theres a large cedar slab that extends from one wall to another. It serves as a desk and also as a storage shelf underneath the TV. The living room also has a small coffee table also made of wood with a simple and original look.

The living room is directly connected to the bedroom with which it shares a semi−open floor plan. The bedroom only has a bed. Its in fact a large platform made of pallets with a mattress on it. Theres not even a nightstand in there. The lamp sits directly on the floor. Theres a sense of cozyness in all this. Its a lot more comfortable to sleep in a simple bed like this one then surrounded by lots of furniture and items.

The apartment also has a kitchen. Its also simple. Theres nothing that stands out in there, the same as for the rest of the apartment. This is a design that impresses with its austerity and simplicity, its lack of color and diversity of materials.

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