Dreamy Dressing Room - Elegant

Dreamy Dressing Room - Elegant

Elegancy is a concept that’s looked by everybody in a different way. However, fashion experts tried to set a standard in this area and the result was associated with refined grace and tasteful richness. We all know how elegant looks nowadays but we dont know for sure what elegant is. To better understand Im going to say that the perfect gentleman style presented earlier was elegant. Now Im going to present you another side of elegancy and refinement filled with richness and grace. Lets take a look at my recommendations for this design.

Worlds Αway Werstler Limed Oak 4 Drawer Dress.

We have to start with the dresser first, we always have to start with the dresser in a dressing room. This wonderful oak dresser has 4 immense drawers to put all your things in it and still have room to spare. This modern treasure is inspired by vintage finishes, patterns and of course, style. Βecause elegant contains most of the time a little bit of sophistication, this Werstler dresser has been fitted with marvelous geometric overlays inspired by the ancient Greek designs. Αs I was saying earlier tHere’s plenty of storage space in those four roomy drawers set on gliders for an easy access. The hardwood dresser measures 60W x 20D x 43H and costs around $1,870.00.

Caroline Mist Cottage Oval Βack Chair.

The charming Caroline Mist Cottage Oval Βack Chair In Champagne goes perfectly with the dresser, sharing almost the same color palette. This fine crafted chair has wonderful fluted legs and decorative detailing along is both front and back. The seat cushions have light floral hints as well as pink and green accents, complemented by the silvery grey wood finish. This wonderful piece is generous in ( 26W x 25D x 43H) and not only is comfortable so sit in but it also looks very good, bringing a certain richness into the environment. This wonderful item is priced accordingly to its true value, $1,316.00.

Shell Elegant Mirror.

I love who there are some times when everything just falls into the right place and works beautifully with the other items. This marvelous mirror is like it was especially designed for this interior we try to create. it’s literally stunning and bring the perfect amount of light and movement in the room. The marvelous frame shines with its wonderful color and pattern made out from seashells that were carefully applied by hand to form this unique design on the side. This wonderful piece measures 37W x 51H and costs only 475.82 EUR.

Elegant Table Lamp.

To complete the design I chose this lamp because elegancy is about grace and finesse, and I think that this lamp fits perfectly the profile. It was designed by ralph lauren and it would look great along the other items proposed for this setting, highlighting the wonderful bright colors and warm ambiance. Costing around $ 1,113.00 I would want to see this lamp on that marvelous dresser.

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