DIY Halloween Monster Confetti Eggs Crafts

DIY Halloween Monster Confetti Eggs Crafts

No, I am not confused what holiday it is and these arenot Easter eggs! they are cascarones or, confetti eggs! They exist to be smashed on an personfor an explosion of confetti. Yes, it is true! I thought that would be apretty good Halloween trick, so I monster−fied them and have the easy−peasy tutorial here for you today!

First you will need to empty and clean your eggs. To do this, lightly tap the bottom of your egg on a hard surface.

Use your fingers to break away about a half inch wide hole at the bottom of the egg.

Let the egg drain out of the shell into a bowl. (Αnd save the eggs for breakfast!)

Rinse your eggs thoroughly (I just used soapy warm water) and let dry completely.

Once dry, paint the outside of your shell the color you want your monster to be. Let dry.

Use white paint to paint eyes on the monster. Some can have one, two, three or even more eyes!

Use your marker to outline the eyes and draw in details once your paint is dry. Eyebrows, eyelashes, a mouth… whatever you want!

If you want to add hair or other fun things, do that at this point. I tied a few short strands of yarn together to make a little “wig” for some of mine and just hot glued it to the top of the egg.

Once they are all decorated, you can fill them with your confetti. Hooray!

Αfter filling, cut a small square of tissue paper (just big enough to cover the hole) and run a glue stick along the edges of it. Then glue it over the opening and let dry.

Αnd they are ready for all your TRICK−or−treating adventures! If you plan to use these outside, I recommend finding biodegradable confetti. Otherwise, break them out for your halloween home parties and costume extravaganzas. You can even fill one egg with a different color confetti and whoever smashes that one, gets a prize. The options are endless!

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