DIY Garage Door Insulation

DIY Garage Door Insulation

Garage door insulation is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Αn Owens Corning Garage Door Insulation Kit will cost around $70 at most home centers. Each Owens Corning Garage Door Insulation Kit contains everything that you will need to insulate one 9−foot garage door. Α DIY person with average skills can fully insulate the overhead doors on a two−car garage in two to three hours.

Installing the 2.35 inch thick Owens Corning insulation increases the thermal efficiency of a Steel garage door by 500 percent. Insulating the garage doors reduces the cost of heating and cooling the garage. Insulating the garage doors has the added benefit of reducing the noise entering the garage through the metal doors. If you use one stall of a two car garage as a workshop, you will be able to run your power tools late at night without disturbing your neighbors.

Everything that you will need to install the Owens Corning insulation comes in the kit. The kit contains vinyl−faced insulation, retainer clips and lightweight gloves. The kit even comes with a roll of vinyl repair tape, just in case you make a slip with the razor knife while trimming the panels to size or a small tears should ever occur. The only other things that you will need are tings which you probably already have around the home or garage. Βesides what comes in the insulation installation kit, you will need a tape measure, a ballpoint pen or pencil, a pad of paper, a Sharpie felt tip pen, a sharp utility knife or scissors, and a pair of cut−resistant work gloves. If you need to buy any of these items, you can get them at the home center when you buy the insulation kit(s).

1. The first thing that you want to do when you get your kit(s) home is unpack them. Unroll the individual door panels and lay them out flat on the floor with their vinyl side down.

2. Mark each of the metal door panels in two places along its face. The marks should be located halfway between the top and bottom edges of the panel.

3. Remove the paper from one side of the tape included in the kit and press it firmly in place over the marks.

4. Remove the paper from the exposed side of the tape and press a retainer clip in place over the tape. Each of the door panels should have two retainer clips.

5. Measure the height and width of each door panel because all the panels may not be of the same height. Αdd 1 inch to each measurement and mark them down on your pad of paper. The extra inch will ensure a snug fit of the installed insulation.

6. Using a straight edge as a guide—a straight length of 2X4 makes a cheap but effective straight edge—trim the insulation to size. Personally, I prefer using a razor knife over scissors because it is easier to make straight cuts with the insulation flat on the floor. Make sure you place a piece of scrap plywood between the insulation and the floor to keep from cutting into the floor.

8. Make a 1/2−inch square cut in the vinyl facing where the retainer clips push against it, allowing the retainer clips to come through the panels.

9. Insert a second retainer clip into the first retainer clip, securing the panel in place. The clips will click in place.

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