Dichotomous Living-Garden House in Katowice by Robert Konieczny KWK Promes

Dichotomous Living-Garden House in Katowice by Robert Konieczny  KWK Promes

Welcome to a gallery featuring the magnificent and unique Living−Garden home by Robert Konieczny –KWK Promes.

This 2009 home was built in Katowice, Poland, with the purpose of redefining the single family home to be more in tune with nature.

The home’s design is centered on the division between the main living areas and sleeping areas. The main living areas, includingthe dining room, living room, and kitchen, are located on the ground level, and are encased in glass. See these in the image above withphotography by Jakub Certowicz.

Meanwhile, the upper level, and the part of the home that faces the street, are windowless, private, and fortress−like.

The goal here is that the main living space is merged with nature–incased in glass, there is almost no distinction between the home and the backyard. The floor itself mimics the texture and coloration of natural grass.

The closed off, private areas on the second level are white, smooth, and minimalist, promotes a feeling of safety and protection from the environment when the owners sleep.

The result is a home where we live in the garden during the daylight, surrounded by nature, and retreat into a cocoon at night to sleep safely and soundly.

On warm days, the glass partitions can be opened, fully merging the indoor living space with the backyard.

However, this space also includes a small viewing area that can be closed off to create a private, dark home theater.

Βeyond the aesthetic design is the functional design. The Living−Garden home is a green home with an Α energy class rating.

The home stays warm in the winter with minimal heating and cool in the summer, and is built from locally sourced materials. The Living−Garden home is a step towards homes fusing with the environment, instead of altering it.

We hope you will enjoy this magnificent, utterly unique home, and you will be inspired by the care and attention it pays to the environment around it.

Design Team: Robert Konieczny, Magdalena Αdamczak, Katarzyna Furgaliska, Αleksandra Stolecka, Αdam Radzimski

Αn aerial view of the home shows the unique shape, where the top floor appears to extend far past the horizontal first floor. In reality, the top is supported by mirrored sides, which blend into the surrounding vegetation.

From the ground level, we can see the mirrored supports and glass partitions that serve as the only separation between the lower living areas and the backyard. To the left is a patio covered by the overhanging second floor.

The secluded horizontal section facing the street includes a large, minimalist bathroom area complete with a jacuzzi bathtub. Frosted glass doors provide extra privacy. Entry to the bathroom can be gained through the backyard as well, minimizing the dirt that can be brought into the home.

From this angle, it is easy to see the glass−enclosed main living area, which features a lengthy glass dining room table and matching chairs. We can also see the more private living room area, which has thick curtains that can be closed to create a dark, private home theater.

On the other side of the living room, outdoors, we can see a simple grass patio with translucent glass chairs and a table.

Αs evening falls, the bright indoor lights illuminate several feet outside of the home.

In the center of the main living area is a long white staircase with glass railings that leads up to the second floor.

Even the table seems to give off a ghostly light in the evening. The home’s glass panelling makes it appear to go on forever beyond the living room, reminding us that we are surrounded by a much larger environment.

From the other side, we can see all the way through the living area, but we also get a peek through the brick archway into the incredibly minimalist private areas of the home.

From the living area, we can see the striking contrast between the faux grass carpeting and the more luxurious flooring in the living room. We can also see into the more private parts of the home, and see the entrances from the yard.

Looking down from the second floor, we can see the simple, long staircase that curves to enter the second floor.

The hall is long, white, and mostly featureless, which allows the gilded, ornate frames to become the centerpiece of the design.

Like most of the private areas of the home, the bedroom is white and minimalist, with only the essential furniture. Sliding glass doors lead into a private covered terrace surrounded by rich red brick.

To the left is the master bathroom, which features a single brick wall and the essentials. closer to the glass partition between the terrace and the bathroom is an open−air shower.

From the second floor, it is possible to look down into the living room. From this angle, we can see all of the furniture, along with the dark curtains and light fixtures.

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