Design Style: Mediterranean Inspired Home Ideas

Design Style: Mediterranean Inspired Home Ideas

If you are drawn to old world home interiors that feature warm textures, and blue decorative accents that remind you of the sea and sky, you will probably be drawn to Mediterranean interiors. Αlso termed, Spanish modern, this style is indicative of a style that can be extremely formal or it can rustic and casual. The beauty of this design style is it transforms your home into one that could fit into any Mediterranean country: Italy, Greece or even Spain. If you love terra cotta Spanish tiles on your roof and clay fired ceramic tiles throughout your home, here are some tips for bringing more Mediterranean inspired interiors to life in your home.

Who wouldnt want to create a Mediterranean oasis in their homes? With the subtle cues from a relaxing old world villa to an elaborate Italian getaway spot that you vacationed years ago, Spanish Modern is a look that everyone loves. Use these tips to transport your home to the Mediterranean in just a few simple decorative moves. With some do it yourself faux painting techniques and beautifully painted walls with bounds of color. You will be amazed how the Mediterranean design style transcends time into your home.

Freshome readers do you have ?Mediterranean design style in your home? What tips would you add to our list?

Please can you do my new flat as same

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