Design Ideas And Practical Uses For Corner Kitchen Cabinets

Design Ideas And Practical Uses For Corner Kitchen Cabinets

Want to make the most of your kitchen? Then don’t waste any space. Corner kitchen cabinets are great at that. They can placed in areas that usually remain empty, so−called dead spaces and they can serve a variety of functions. For starters, they add extra storage space to your kitchen. Then there are also other ways in which they can be useful.

Don’t put the microwave oven on the counter. It takes up a lot of space. Instead, maybe you can integrate it into your corner cabinet design and, while you are at it, maybe you can find some room for a TV in there.

The corner kitchen cabinet is also a great place for built−in appliances such as the oven. it is easily accessible and has pretty much the perfect dimensions.

Hide your small appliances like the coffee maker or the food processor in the corner, behind closed doors.

Design the corner kitchen cabinet with transparent glass doors and turn it into a sort of display area. Don’t forget about the lighting. It would be like a mini−gallery.

If you don’t want to have corner cabinets that go all the way down to the counter, then you can opt for open shelves. This way you can still use the counter space and you get lots of extra storage.

Α practical idea can also be to transform one of the corners in your kitchen into an open pantry with corner shelves and cabinets to frame it.

Αnd if you don’t want to have an exposed pantry that everyone can see, you can hide it behind closed doors. You can have a small corner pantry with parallel shelves from the floor all the way yp to the ceiling.

Α custom−designed kitchen island can also easily fit in an exterior corner. It can be an extension for the counter and you can design it with castors so you can move it around if you need the space.

The corner cabinet can be an antique and you can use it as an accent piece for the kitchen. Α sage green finish like this one would make it stand out.

Move your cooking zone into the corner of the kitchen. you will have easy access to the counter spaces adjacent to the corner and it also seems like a nice place for the hood.

If you want to include storage in the corner for your lower cabinets, you should consider pull−out shelves so you don’t have to go through all the trouble of trying to find the item you need in the dark.

Lazy Susans are also an excellent idea for corner kitchen cabinets. They let you browse and take out the item you need even if it is all the way in the back.

When it comes to corner drawers, there are several designs to choose from. This type is nice if you want to preserve the sharp and cohesive design in your kitchen, although there is not a lot of usable space inside.

Consider placing the sink in the corner of the kitchen. Make sure you can sit comfortably while using it and plan the rest of the layout around it.

You can also choose to not have wall−mounted cabinets or shelves in the corner and instead to have two sets of windows for better lighting. You can place the sink in that corner.

Draw attention to the corner of the kitchen with an elegant light fixture. Try suspended pendant lights if you want a dramatic and eye−catching look.

The kitchen hood fits very nicely in the corner of the kitchen and, if you don’t want it exposed, you can hide with a continuous furniture design.

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