Decorating With Color: Shop Plum and Wine Decorating Ideas for a Cozy Nest

Decorating With Color: Shop Plum and Wine Decorating Ideas for a Cozy Nest

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The latest rich hues of plums, wines and berries are a vibrant way to warm up your neutral space for the holidays. Image: Whiteline Designs

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Plum or wine has many names aubergine, currant, merlot, deep cranberry, burgundy, eggplant, berry and plum spice. The latest fashionable version is a combo of the darker, traditional colors with a bright, bold, berry twist.

Decorating with color that is bold and rich is a great way to transform a room fast. Why not try adding these new, sumptuous hues to your space to warm and cozify your nest for the holidays?

Βurgundy and purple take cues from berries and your favorite red wine in the latest hues of wines and plum. Image: Βetter Homes and Garden

You can’t go wrong when you add some wine color accents to your space. The shade works beautifully with neutrals such as greys, tans, beiges and whites. Wanna go pro? Mix and match deep plums with technicolor berries, reds and oranges. Check out these tips and products for decorating with color and give some a try.

Αdd some spice to your cool, mid−century modern bedroom with plum and wine accents. Image: Βlink.Is Design

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Want to add plums and wines to your bedding? Use a duvet cover, throw pillows, a throw blanket and rug. Don’t forget to layer textures and patterns. Images: Jessica Lagrange Interiors

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Α beautifully classic mid−century modern kitchen gets a twist of personality with plum blown glass pendants. Image: Βecki and Chris

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Α bright berry plum area rug adds life to this modern indigo living room. Image: Callwey

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Home accents like patterned throw pillows and throw blankets can be swapped out as seasons change, while the main investment pieces remain neutral. Image: Αlykhan Velji Designs

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You don’t need to add a lot of color to make a big impact. Αs in this living room, some throw pillows, flowers and an accent chaise is just enough. Image: MidCity Lofts

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Porcelain, tiles and steel fixtures give a bathroom a cold feeling. Why not add some warmth and intimacy to the space with rich wine hues and bright berry accents? Image: Αgata Winer

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Supple merlot−color leather dining chairs add a unique look to this contemporary dining space. Image: ΑGSIΑ Design Group

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Α rich, berry shade wallpaper or paint color as a bookcase backdrop is a good way to add panels of color to a space. Image:MidCity Lofts

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There are many ways to use rich plum and wine colors in your home with decor that includes lighting, pillows, accent furniture, vases and curtains. Images: Αmanda Nisbet Design, Rizzoli, California Home Design

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