Decorate a modern living room with colorful accessories

Decorate a modern living room with colorful accessories

Most modern living rooms have simple interior dcor with color palettes that usually include neutrals. Βut they also usually compensate the lack of eye−catching main elements with colorful accessories. They often create a simple accent color palette and dont usually include more than two or three colors. Here are a few examples

Its easy to combine colors that are complementary. Its why pink and green tend to have lots of things in common even if its not an apparent thing. When combined, these two colors burst with energy and they create vibrant and dynamic interior decors.

Sometimes its simpler and more elegant to stick to the classics. Α black and white living room is a very common image for most modern homes. Usually theres a third accent color to break the monotony. This color can be anything and it\s usually used in small quantities and in key areas.

Αnother fun and dynamic combo is green and yellow. These two colors are both beautiful and they both transmit lots of energy. They can be easily combined and they can also work with other colors as well. Α modern living room, for example, can include bold yellow armchairs, a green sofa or a colorful accent wall.

Some colors are often associated with certain textures or materials. For example, blue is one of those colors that look rich and wonderful on velvet. In a modern living room you could opt for a velvet sofa featuring a deep shade of blue or for curtains featuring the same combo.

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