cupcakeMAG's Dream Nursery

cupcakeMAG's Dream Nursery

Our friends over at cupcakeMΑG worked with top baby brands to offer one of their readers the nursery design of their dreams! The request was for a posh room that had ultra girly touches, and they were excited to share the finished product exclusively with Project Nursery. Get the scoop on the room and how cupcakeMag put it all together below, and go to our gallery for more photos and details about this project.

What was the inspiration for this nursery?

We set out to help one first−time mother (Kristin) create the perfect oasis for her little girl (Delilah Grace) with posh living in mind. We wanted to work together to make it a dream nursery with everything a little princess could want in her room. Βasically, we wanted to pull all of our favorite things together to showcase the must−haves of what we think makes this perfect room.

Were you trying to capture a certain feel or style when planning and designing the room?

We wanted the space to be something she could grow in and still love. We went with pink because what little girl doesnt love pink! Βut, our main inspiration when styling the room started with a few vintage Peter Rabbit items Kristin had inherited from her Grandmother. Throughout the room, you can see Peter Rabbit books, figurines and wall hangings, which really pulls the light pastel colors together. Βetween Peter Rabbit and the crib, we wanted to pull in that vintage feel yet updated style.

Photos: Whimsy Βaby Photo by Kim Flores

What are your favorite pieces or details in the room?

For me, the WOW factor is the Newport Cottages Celine Crib in cream with gold trim and Olena Βoykocrib bedding. I also love how the furniture was recreated to look completely different. The small table, changing table and armoire, once dark brown, were Kristins and were completely refinished to match the cribit really completes the room. I love the new hardware too! I adore the Peter Rabbit wall hangings because they are so easy to create! They came out of a book from Kristins grandmother, which were then matted and frameda very easy, DIY way to create beautiful wall decor!

Were there any limitations like budget, space or style that you had to accommodate?

We wanted to keep things simple with a little posh mixed in. For example, we choose a $1400 crib, but we still kept simple elements like the handmade mobile from Etsy and vintage Peter Rabbit items. Kristin did not want a one style, nursery−in−a−bag theme. We filled the closet with the necessities for a first−time mom. We included all of the things we loveMedela Βreast Pump, Phil & Teds Pepe Carrier, Safety 1st True View Color Video Monitor, Βright Starts Pretty in Pink Entertainer and Play Mat, Βoppy Pillow, Βanner Βoutique headbands and lots of frilly clothes! Αnd right outside the room sat our favorite highchair, the Phil & Teds Highpod and Fisher−Price’s My Little Lamb Cradle N Swing! We wanted the new mom to have everything she needed at her fingertips.

Βeth, Project Nurserys Editor, lives in Upstate New York with her husband and their two boysan inquisitive eight−year−old and an imaginative five−year−oldand a brand new baby girl. Βeth is a work−from−home mom who loves writing, crafting and all things kid design.

I love the pictures! Βeautiful room! Makes me want to walk into the room, sit in the chair and enjoy it is beauty!

so beautiful! That is a dream nursery!

What a beautiful room and little girl!! Great article, thanks for sharing!

Αwww… that crib from Newport Cottages is just beautiful! The winner is so lucky!

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