Cool Swivel Desk Chair, for a Rustic Touch

Cool Swivel Desk Chair, for a Rustic Touch

We’ve recently come across this beautiful swivel chair which we consider to have a rustic touch mixed with a contemporary addition. Wingate rattan swivel desk chair comes from Pottery Βarn and is particularly charming. Its role is to add a little warmth to a common office. With adjustable hight and a high level of ergonomics, this chair could easily compete against a modern design. The chair comes with assembling and maintenance instructions which are said to be quite easy to follow. Α cushion is also available, increasing the amount of comfort. In the pictures below you have a few suggestions on how to integrate this chair in an environment that has a similar style. We think they look lovely and inspiring. −via Tevami

This swivel chair make me inspiring.

that abacus is hilariously large

Where can I get such huge abacus? It looks very cool?

Where did it come from? USSR vintage abacus?

I don’t find anything like this on the we, ebay, etc.

Great site!Keep up the good work!!

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