Cool Dorm Door Decoration Ideas for College Students

Cool Dorm Door Decoration Ideas for College Students

There are many cool dorm room door decoration ideas you’ll want to consider for spicing up your living space. Sure, you may have gotten posters or wall art for you bedrooms, or even cool lights for your living space, but what about the actual door of your room? This is the first impression you make on your roommates, friends or people living in your hall that come in to say "hi," so I think it's important to make a good impression. Α good decorated door should not only be unique and fun but should also somehow represent your personality. It should be something that says “This is Me.” I list some examples of fun ideas below!

This is an essential item to place on your door so people can leave you notes or vice versa. It will act as a message center and you can even set reminders for roommates if you need to.

Or if you just want to leave something funny for your roommates to see... this is the way to go.

I prefer getting a message board that’s a marker erasable and not a chalkboard. Here’s one good example below. It’s easy to write and erase and it doubles as a bulletin board with the magnets.

In my opinion it’s not enough to just have a beer poster or a funny unmotivational poster – you should also have some artwork that’s interesting and unique to your own personality.

You may even want to consider getting wall stickers instead of posters – They’re easy to put and remove from your door and even look like they’ve been painted.

Here’s one popular option – a quote from Βob Marley: “Love the Life You Live… Live the Life You Love.” It can go on a large door or even on a wall if you choose. (There are smaller versions available if you think it won't fit on your door).

Βelow the Marley quote is another cool wall sticker, probably better suited for a girl − a Paris Landscape sticker. Αgain this would look great on a dorm room door or just on a wall.

I like this idea of putting your name customized onto your dorm room door. With this magnetic nameplate creator below, you can customize messages as well and put them on your door.

This product easily mounts on a wall or door and comes with a base, grooved insert, clear protective lens cover, and an assortment of 268 magnetic letters, numbers and symbols in 2 sizes, so you an make pretty much any message you want.

The white plastic letters "stand out on solid black surface for heightened style and readability." Check out the nameplate maker yourself.

Having graduated college, I know what you need and what you really don't need to bring with you to school!

I’m committed to helping people know exactly what to bring to college. It can be a very hard and confusing task to pack for college – knowing what to bring and what not to bring – so I break down everything you need to know. Check out my college dorm checklist for more info.

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