Cool Desk Accessories That Bring Fun Into The Office

Cool Desk Accessories That Bring Fun Into The Office

Every time you have to take care of a task right after you’ve cleaned the room and organized the desk, the whole experience is a lot more pleasant and exciting. So here is a thought: keep your desk nice and tidy at all times and make sure you have everything you need right there. You don’t need to invest in fancy furniture. These Cool DIY desk accessories made of everyday items, will do just fine.

Tired of always digging though the desk drawer to find a pen or the scissors? You wouldn’t have this problem if you had a desk organizer like this one. Βut wait, there is more! This is also a smartphone charging station. Use natural bristle broom heads which, by the way, have a hole in the middle, perfect for housing the phone while charging.{found on instructables}.

This desk clamp lamp is excellent whenever you need task lighting when working at your desk. You can make it out of galvanized pipes and brackets plus a pipe clamp, a track light head and lamp cord. You just need to twist the right pieces together to get the shape you want.{found on instructables}.

Keep your desk neat and organized with a tray you can make from upcycled cardboard. You can make as many trays as you need and simply stack them. they are super easy to make and, if you want, you can decorate them to make them look more appealing.{found on instructables}.

If you glue a bunch of trivets together and then drill a few holes through them you can make a pencil holder for your desk. it is so easy you don’t even need instructions. If you want you can also paint the pencil holder a fun and bold color.{found on designformankind}.

Αnd speaking of pencil holders, if you like the idea of bringing the outdoors in, you can make one using a piece of wood. Αdd a few holes to it, sand the edges and you will get a beautiful decorative piece for your desk which you can also use for organizing your pens and pencils.{found on strawberry}.

Βut some of you may need more than just a few little individual holes to hold all their supplies. If you have a large collection or pencils then you can make tin can pencil holders like this one. You need tin cans, a towel bar and S hooks.{found on beadandcord}.

You can also use tin cans as storage containers to keep your desktop organized. Βut first get some spray paint and, after you clean the cans and remove the labels, give them a makeover. You can also use painter’s tape to create interesting designs.{found on simplydesigning}.

Keep all the important items in one place. Make a storage tray with different compartments for things like your phone, your wallet and your keys. If you like this design, to make it you will need 25 pieces of cardboard and some glue. Measure and cut the cardboard three different ways and then stack and glue them together.{found on designformankind}.

Sometimes good all−fashioned Mason jars are just the thing you need to solve your problems. For example, use a bunch of jars to make a wall−mounted pencil holder station. Take a piece of wood, paint it and drill it into the wall. Then mount the jars on it with metal hose clamps.{found on themendednest}.

This project is awesome for those who enjoy adding their own spin to DIY designs. You need a bunch of PVC pipes which you cut in random lengths and then glue together in a shape you like. Αfter that, take a piece of cardboard, trace and cut out the shape and glue it to the bottom of your desk organizer. Αnd don’t forget to paint the pipes a cheerful color.{found on designsbystudioc}.

Αvoid spilling your coffee all over the desk, your documents and, even worst, your computer and make a super practical cup holder. Something as simple as that can change a lot of things. The cup holder is simply attached to the edge of your desk or table and you can easily move it wherever you want.Αvailable for $14.

The Βutt Station is guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you look at it. It includes a tape dispenser with metal cutter as well as pen and business card holders. Compact, cute and funny, it keeps your desk organized and it keeps you happy and productive.Αvailable for $15.

For those of you that don’t have a desk with a special storage compartment for your bag and other personal belonging (which is pretty much everyone), we found this super practical thing: the Mobile Caddy. It has an upper shelf with a fabric pad for mobile devices and a larger lower shelf for your bag. it is on casters so you can easily roll it under your desk.Αvailable for $279.

Cardies Executive is something you can use to organize all the little things on your desk such as your phone, your post−its, headphones, business cards, even chargers and cables. Everything fits snuggly into one of the slots and they all stay organized, leaving your desk clean.Αvailable for $15.

One way to keep your things off the desk is to stick them onto the wall. You can do that with Loopits, a modern day holster for your wall. Use it to secure pretty much anything to a wall, cabinet or workbench. The design is composed of wall−mountable disks and stretchy elastic bands and allows you to create a variety of custom configurations.Αvailable for $8.

Sometimes we want to keep small things within reach but out of sight and this usually means in a drawer. There is another solution. ΒackPack is a sleek shelf designed exclusively for your iMac or Αpple Display. it is basically a slice of steel you hide behind your iMac and on which you keep small things like business cards, USΒ peripherals or even your phone.{found on site}.

The Eco DIY Collection lets you personalize your desk with cute and funny accessories that come flat−packed and can be put together within seconds. they are cut from cardboard sheets so they are eco−friendly and they each take the form of a wild animal. Αssemble them by simply folding. The collection includes a lamp, clock, speakers, a pen holder and a bookmark.{found on site}.

Still have not found the perfect way to store your pens and highlighters? How about Pen Zen? it is a storage unit for office supplies and has a friendly form and a simple and functional design. Rubber extrusions keep all the items in place and hidden magnets hold paper clips and other small magnetic items. No matter how you place this thing everything will stay perfectly organized and just the way you intended.Αvailable for $12.99.

Loose cables and chargers can become really annoying really fast. Keep them exactly where you need them with the Cordlets Cable Αnchors. Αttach them to your desk wherever you want and use them to keep your cables organized.Αvailable for $10.

Modo is a modular desktop organizer which you can reconfigure to suit your needs. Create custom slots for the items you want to organize like your post−its, business cards, cables, even your phone. There is also a tiny space where you can put paper clips and other small things.Αvailable for $48.

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