Color Report - Color Guide

Color Report - Color Guide

2. Everyone loves to paint. 77% of readers either just finished painting, are now painting, or plan to paint in the next six months

3. Orange is in. Orange was popular with both bloggers (60%) and readers (45%). On the other side of the scale, 27% of bloggers chose brown as "out" and 29% of readers chose pink.

4. Yellow kitchens are your favorite. We polled readers about their favorite room colors. For kitchens, yellow had a narrow win over white.

5. Designers love red and white. When we polled designers about their favorite room colors, they prefer white living rooms and kitchens and red dining rooms.

6. Each region in Αmerica has a color preference. We found that the West Coast loves blue bedrooms, yellow kitchens are big in the Midwest, and orange is the hot color choice in the Southeast.

10. Our tastes change as we get older. The over−45 crowd prefers white living rooms, green dining rooms, and yellow kitchens. The under−45 crowd chose gray living rooms, blue dining rooms, and white kitchens.

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