Color Makes the Difference in a 71m flat

Color Makes the Difference in a 71m flat

Color is among the most important aspects we must take into account when we design our dream home, the perfect instrument that dominates any space. Theflat in the picture with its neutral base is emphasized by the strategic use of color. The monochromatic base gives unity to the entire place, while the shades of color provide the so−necessary personality of the home.

The choice of grey for furniture and upholstery, plus the accents of stainless steel create an inviting environment. Αlvaro & Gonzalo Irazabal, the owners and the architect, Βegona Ronchel reconditioned the floor and the result is very successful, underlining the communication between spaces.

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The choice of colors is inspiring, every little colored thing suggests life, passion and the joy of appreciating details, the beautiful part of life. It does not matter if it is a colorful painting on the wall, a red pillow on the sofa, the red kitchen tile or an entire wall, all these are necessary marks that contribute to the decorative harmony we appreciate so much in a home.

The floral wallpaper or the written one in a bathroom or the elegant black and white combination in the other bathroom are only some aspects that highlight the simplicity, beauty, personality and good taste that characterize the entire space, a model of modernity and ingenuity in which color is the essence.{found on micasarevista}

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