Color Craving: Shades of Blue Home

Color Craving: Shades of Blue Home

Every now and then I become slightly obsessed with one particular color. My most recent – the color blue. Αnd with little to none visible in my own home, it is no wonder I’ve been craving this hue like crazy lately. No better way to get a color fix than to daydream about how others have worked this color into their own spaces.

Α naturally soothing color, pale shades of blue create a spa−like feel to a bathroom. Paired with clean fixtures and white, fluffy towels, a powder blue bathroom is a little slice of heaven – especially when paired with a bubble bath, good book and glass of wine.

Mixing it up a little with a few bold choices is always fun, but definitely a more risky undertaking. Toning down strong blue hues with neutral accents is a great way to work bold blues into a room.

While we see quite a few blue walls in kitchens, its a surprising treat to stumble upon blue cabinets. The right blue−gray shade not only adds an unexpected twist to any cooks haven, but brings a fresh and calming feel to a space.

Not quite ready to slap a new coat of blue paint on your walls? For the commitment weary, a few blue accents scattered around a room works wonders. From throw pillow to curtains, comforters to wall art, there are tons of lovely blue pieces suited to fit any space

Cara Wilkerson writes the real estate and home improvement blog Live the Home Life.

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