Coastal Themed Glass Bottle Table Centerpieces

Coastal Themed Glass Bottle Table Centerpieces

Βring the beach home with these pretty glass bottles! they are surprisingly easy to make, and they make beautiful pieces of home decor. Use recycled bottles or new jars from the craft store to make coastal themed bottle decor for your home.

Step one: Clean and dry the glass bottle thoroughly.

Step two: Pour a generous amount of the glass paint or the tinted Mod Podge into the bottle. Swirl the paint around inside the jar until the interior is covered with paint. Leave the bottle upside down for at least an hour to let the excess paint drip out.

I used both white and light blue frosted glass paints in one bottle, and Mod Podge Sheer color color in the other bottle.

Step three: Let the paint dry completely. This takes 24−48 hours. I like to place my jars in a sunny window to speed the drying time.

Step four: Paint the metal lid of the bottle. Use E−6000 glue to adhere a branch of coral to the lid. To keep the coral from slipping off while the glue dries, I use a bit of hot glue to hold the piece in place.

Step five: Glue a dowel rod inside a shell. Cut the rod so that about 1/2 inch remains. Make a small hole in the cork top, and glue the dowel rod into the cork.

Step six: Embellish the neck of the bottle with twine.

I love the finished piece! The soothing colors and pretty beach souvenirs make me feel like I am back at the beach. You could easily make these in any color to match your own home’s decor! Have fun crafting and creating coastal decor for your home!

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