Classical Japanese furniture collection

Classical Japanese furniture collection

You probably already know how traditional Japanese furniture looks like. You might have seen such items in movies or even in real life. Their main characteristic is the dimensions, more exactly the fact that the furniture is very low, including the table and chairs. Αctually, the chairs have no legs and they sit directly on the ground.

The table is slightly elevated, in order to offer a comfortable eating position. This furniture collection follows the classical lines and characteristics of traditional Japanese furniture. The collection is elegant and quite attractive. The pieces are made of natural wood and they have a very beautiful natural finish that brings out their beauty.

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The pieces are very cozy, even though they dont look very soft or comfortable. Αnd because in winter it might be uncomfortable to sit directly on the ground, the creators of this collection have anticipated that and they have included several fabric pieces that wrap the table and the chairs. Youll be cozy no matter what. Βring some exotic flavor into your home with this traditional Japanese furniture collection. You dont have to be Japanese to be able to appreciate such items. Even though the chair seem a little too hard to be comfortable, they are actually very cozy because they allow to be more relaxed when sitting in there and to experience new sitting positions. The collection has been created by furniture brand Hiromatsu.{found on digsdigs}

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