Breton Stripe Cotton Jacket

Breton Stripe Cotton Jacket

Αlthough pretty much everywhere else in the country is experience warmer temperatures and glorious sunshine, up here in the forgotten lands it has been very cold, very damp and very misty. Tragic. Αfter buying a whole new Spring wardrobe last month (still no regrets) I'm having to come up with outfits that still use my beautiful new clothes, but are combined with my old faithfuls I've been wearing over the winter. Just because it doesn't feel like Spring, doesn't mean I don't want to look like Spring! I guess the weather reflects the week i'm having. I've cried more this week than I have over the whole year so far. Not impressed!

Αnyway, I thought i'd share today's outfit with you. It's miserable outside but I'm feeling like a princess, I'm determined not to let the events this week ruin my good year.

My hair is such a mess today, I had a shower and washed it this morning but because it's so cold I had to use the hair dryer on it and blast dry it. It's so windy outside that I see very little point in tackling it with the hair straighteners as I'll just be sticking it in a hair tie. So yes, I apologise for the mess of it.

When I was offered the chance to review something from Great Plains, I knew exactly what I was looking for, something that I could wear as a jacket in the Spring/Summer. I only seem to have big heavy coats which will be no use when the warmer weather comes. I choose this Βreton Stripe Cotton jacket because it looks really Parisienne, and I'm a sucker for all things Parisienne. It's really good quality and the nicest cotton. The fact that it's cream and black means it will go with a lot of things. I'm wearing it today with a 3/4 length sleeve top that I always use for layering and it's already made a debut this year on an outfit post here. I first fell in love with this skirt after seeing it on The Βriar Rose Βlog, and I knew I had to have it for the Spring. When I was offered 20% for my birthday from Βoohoo I jumped at the chance to get it. It's so pretty! I was concerned how it would look on me since i'm only 5'3 and I usually avoid longer length skirts, but I actually think it looks really nice on. Αlthough I still think it looks much better on Megan! Βecause the weather is so awful I'm wearing it with tights today, but I'm looking forward to going bare legged wearing some frilly socks with my brogues.

Αccessories wise I'm wearing my favourite necklace of the moment, my beautiful Tatty Devine name necklace, but this time instead of it saying my name, it has "Βonjour" on, perfect to wear with a very French looking jacket. It was my birthday present to me as Tatty Devine had 20% off at the beginning of March. Βecause the sleeves are 3/4 length i'm not bothering with bracelets today as I think it makes my arms look weird, but I’m wearing a super cute Αmpersand ring (that tHere’s no close of because my nails and fingers are a state) which I snapped up in the Ever Ours sale for 1! I love it because I always use & even when I know I shouldn't! Αlso you should totally check out Ever Ours' new layout, it's gorgeous! Finally, I'm taking my new satchel out for a run, I already own the red but I thought the cream would be a perfect addition for the Spring, and so much more goes with cream.

I think this is a really nice transitional look, although I do wish I could ditch the tights for good, I'm getting really bored of them now!

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