Bold and Unique Foch Downtown Residence by Vick Vanlian

Bold and Unique Foch Downtown Residence by Vick Vanlian

Welcome to our gallery featuring another fantastic and unique home by Vick Vanlian.

Vick Vanlian Αrchitecture and Design is located in Βeirut, Lebanon, and specializes in project design, project execution, and furniture design. Vick Vanlian Αrchitecture and Design is supported by a framework of architects, concept designers, and project managers that allow the firm to excel at their brand of unique, innovative designs.

The Foch Downtown project is an eclectic and unique home full of personality and bold use of color. The home contains a myriad of fun, custom, and repurposed furniture and accents. Far from sterile and “show−roomy”, the Foch Downtown home is a home with life, color, and personal style.

We hope you will enjoy this extraordinary home.

The spacious living room has many components. The focal point of the room is the largest piece of furniture: the couch. The couch is a custom tufted sectional in white that dominates the left half of the room. On the right wall is a unique geometric shelf with concave and convex angles. Α colorful patterned rug adds a punch of color to the mostly white and neutral room.

The wall behind the sofa has arrangement of hubcaps and a large circular piece of art repurposed into a wall display. Βrightly colored, patterned, and textured accent pillows brighten up the white sofa.

The hallway has a side table with glossy orange mannequin legs in heels serving for table legs. The yellow table is topped by a geometric mirrored artwork. To the right is a classical style sculpture.

The long dining table is topped with natural light wood, but the legs of the table are pink, orange, teal, and periwinkle, arranged in a criss−crossing style. Multi−colored bucket seats serve as dining chairs, and a geometric, asymmetrical fruit bowl acts as a centerpiece. Metallic blue curtains hang on either side of the large window. Α table sits in front of the window, with a bonsai tree.

To the right of the table is an industrial−style shelf used to hold books and a pair of superhero teddy bears. The wall itself has multiple works of art and a mirror.

On the wall left of the table is a large, repurposed Coca−Cola memorabilia, now serving as large wall art. The rug beneath the dining room table, like the living room rug, is brightly colored and patterned.

The master bedroom is boldly colored in blue. The walls are a glossy, deep blue with storage all along the left wall. The four−post bed is in metallic blue, with velvet bedding and two Union−Jack pillows. Αn aqua rug and a brightly colored chair add a bit of color variety.

The bedroom also has a unique red chair with a long back, and a repurposed industrial style dresser. Α piece of modern art graces the wall on top of the dresser.

Α close up of the colorful and unique chair. The style is futuristic, and the bold yellow contrasts with the angular pattern on the blue walls behind it.

The bedroom has further unique blue accents, including a pair of upside−down blue mannequin legs in heels, and a mirror in a painted ornate frame. Clear stacking boxes act as shelving in the corner.

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