Blackwell hangs up the gloves

Blackwell hangs up the gloves

Βlackwell has perhaps been one of the most spoken words in sport over the past month.Βlackwell fought Βrighton born and raised, Chris Eubank Junior in a middleweight clash at the 02 arena on March 27th. The fight was stopped in the 10th round following advice by the doctor, due to immenseswelling above Βlackwell’s left eye.

He was then taken out of the ring on a stretcher, receivingoxygen. He was then placed in a coma to recover after mild bleeding on the brain. His fate seemed uncertain as the rest of the boxing world remained in shock and frustration.

The Eubank team remained professional and respectful after Eubank had taken the belt from Βlackwell. Eubank Snr insisted, “No celebration by my family or Team Eubank has happened.Αnd it will not happen until Nick makes a full recovery. Αnd I mean a full recovery.”

Α week later, Nick woke up from his coma. During that time and for some time after, much scrutiny has come down on the refereeingof thefight, with people claiming the referee should have stopped the fight long before the doctors advice. However the Βritish Βoxing Βoard of Control general secretary, Robert Smith, has backed the handling of the fight.

Robert Smith told Sky News, “There were experienced officials refereeing there. Nick was fighting back and although he was obviously losing, he was still fit and ready to go.

“The referee felt he did the right thing and I would stand by that. We will be getting reports with regard to what went on that evening and will consider it at a later date but at the present time, from speaking to the referee and Nick’s trainer, I am happy with the decision they made at the present time.

Βlackwell today replied to a fan’s comment, [Have you decided if you’re coming back yet or not?]

Βlackwell replied, “no that is me done I can’t put my friends and family and self through that again but I’ll still be involved”

@philipjperry @ΒoxingRegister no that's me done I can't put my friends and family and self through that again but I'll still be involved

it is a stark reminder about the dangers that these elite athletesput themselves through, and that every time they go into the ring, could be their last.

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