Beautiful Room Partitions Made of All Different Materials

Beautiful Room Partitions Made of All Different Materials

When it comes to large, open roomsor studio apartments, it is important to know how to divide up the space. From personalized designs to homemade problem−solvers, room partitions can come in many forms and styles. These functional pieces can make your home so much more interesting in look and feel, but also create more nooks and crannies to play with. Let’s take a look at some beautiful room partitions and get inspired.

This piece is beautiful, textural and so interesting! It not only divides up the large, open area but also creates a fun and functional focal point to the room.

Α custom piece with gorgeous detailing and a windowed finish, this is such a great way to create room division. You can see into the next room but still create separation with ease and style.{found on milkdecoration}.

This particular room partition acts as a home theatre placement on one side and transforms the back into a hallway of sorts. The space still seems very roomy but more functional and home−like

Of course, fabrics are always a great choice when you are creating your own room partition. Curtains, tapestries or just a scrap piece you love, it will give the space a casual and funky look without too much fuss.

Create an entirely new room in the corner with a custom built partition. These “walls” have a mixed material style that we adore and a very modern flavor.

Α frosted glass room divider will help create those rooms you’ve been lacking in your studio apartment, but it’ll also keep things feeling airy and light with a lot of spacious pieces.

Metal may be your best friend and this room partition could be the perfect design to fit into your home. This floral detailed has a girlish but masculine twist while still giving the area the right amount of leeway.

This square feature gives the dining room a finished look, a more artistic presence and allows the hallway to stand on its own without overcoming the more formal space.{found on jendretzki}.

Have you ever thought about using a beautiful piece of wood to divide up your large and open home? It too can create a unique look but with a more traditional feature.{found on cgapartners}.

This mirrored wall partition creates a division between the bed and the dressing area but it also makes the actual room look larger and lighter – which is also a benefit!

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