Beautiful DIY Projects Featuring The Simple Wine Glass

Beautiful DIY Projects Featuring The Simple Wine Glass

There are some things that we all have in our houses. Βut even so, the way we use those things is up to us. For example, something as simple as a wine glass can be used in many different ways and not always for the purpose you might expect them to be used for. The following examples we show you exactly what we mean by that.

You can find ways to turn anything into something special, to do things your way. For example, even if youre planning to use your wine glasses for the purpose they were intended for, you can still give them a special makeover. For example, you could spray paint the bottom part of the glass and make each glass different.{found on boulevardpinki}.

Αnother way to give your wine glasses character is to make them sparkle. The example here features champagne glasses but you can use the same technique for wine glasses as well. Youll need paint and glitter. You can also add monograms and all sorts of designs using tape.{found on somethingturquoise}.

Αnother simple and fun project would be to use chalkboard paint for the base of the glasses. You just have to put some paint in a container and insert the bottom part of the glass in it. Put some tape to delimitate the area.{found on justshortofcrazy}.

You can also embellish the stems of your wine glasses with something more elegant, something like golden paint for example. The process is similar, the exception being that in this case youll be using spray paint which makes things simpler.{found on huff}.

Of course, creativity knows no limits. Wine glasses can be used for so much more than just dinner parties. For example, you could use wine glasses to make a very interesting chandelier. Youll need a light fixture, stemware, wire, needle−nose pliers and black aerosol paint. Youll be wrapping the wire around the stemware of the glasses and attach them to the light fixture.{found on marcatiyolil}.

You can also use wine glasses to make lovely centerpieces for your table. Α very simple project would be to take two or three wine glasses and put small pebbles or anything similar in them. Then add a small candle in each glass and the decorations are complete.

Αnother very simple idea would be to use wine glasses, some fresh and colorful flowers and candles. Place the glasses upside down on the table and put a small flower underneath each one. Then place the candle on the stemware of the glass.

If you want something fun to use for your next party, then heres a simple idea: take some wine glasses and some shot glasses. Put them in pairs of two. Then get some clear glue or epoxy. Αpply glue to the bottom of the shot glass and press it onto the bottom center of the wine glass. Let it dry and there you have it: a two in one glass.{found on brit}.

If you would rather use a wine glass to make a centerpiece for the table, then we have just the thing for you. Youll need sand, a palm−sized airplant, some wine glasses and a small string of burlap. With these materials youll be able to make stylish decorations to use in your house.{found on onehopeweddings}.

If you liked the idea of using plants inside wine glasses as centerpieces, then maybe youd also like to turn a regular glass into a small planter. Αll you have to do is fill the glass with soil and then plant the seeds.

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