Beautiful and Practical Under Stair Drawer System

Beautiful and Practical Under Stair Drawer System

Ctd 2005 designed these stairs for a client who wanted to combine Shaker and Japanese utility into the space. The owner had both a shaker elemental utility look he wanted and to the Japanese for their use of storage under stairs as part of designing space, and the final result is a very practical use of space that I have to say it looks awesome. Take a look at the pictures attached below and tell me what do you think about this under stair drawer system. – Via

very interesting concept… save a lot of space.

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Well, that would work but most first floor stair cases run over top of another stair case which leads to the basement. So this is only practical for basement stair casings. If your staircase runs offset from another this would work too for both basement and first floor. I made more room to my second floor for a bedroom by taking out the stair case leading to the attic and putting in a ceiling pull down to access the attic.

Hats off to all those creative minds! great help ,to make use the space under stairscase.

it looks functional and a sure space saver.

nice ,often i think that why i cant think like this different

great design very interesting and artistic.

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