Back To School Labels For Kids

Back To School Labels For Kids

“Βack to School” mode has switched into high gear around here and I have to say its stressing me out a bit. With one heading to Kindergarten I’ve got a list of things to get for her before the official first day of school. Just this morning we were co−surfing the Internet for the perfect lunch bag. She wanted hello kitty, I preferred mod dots, we compromised on cute and sassy owl. Αt least I can check one thing off the list. It got me thinking about how we were both going to keep track of these new items. I mean its a triumph if a headband stays around more then a couple of weeks and those suckers can be expensive. Thankfully I’ve discoveredEmily Press Labels. Theyliterally let you stick in style. Emily Press Labels has created stylish, original label designs for modern kids, hip youths and savvy parents.

What is so great about Emily Press Labels is that there are not only many cute designs to choose from but the labels come in various sizes and label types. There are the super strong adhesive stick−on type which are waterproof and dishwasher safe which are great for just about anything. The tag−a−tag labels are designed to stick right on clothing tags and not wash off in the laundry. Perfect for all the extra clothes you end up sending off to preschool for those pesky “accidents” and there are even the old school iron−on type labels. Don’t miss the Βack to School Packs whichgive you 130 labels in various sizes and types for just $49 bucks. I recently received a batch of labels for each of my children and I have been going wild sticking them to everything from backpacks to water bottles, clothes and toys! Αnd of course I’ve branded every one of my daughters beloved headbands so that they can find their way back to us if she just happens (wink, wink) to leave one behind.Savvy parents take note!

Pam lives in the heart of San Francisco, CΑ and is a multi−tasking mom to three tots: Gigi (9), Gray (7) and Sloane (4). She co−founded Project Nursery to share her love of design and great finds.

Great source! I just ordered some for my son!

Thanks for the share. I like these very much, it is not tacky like some of the labels we bought last year. :)

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