Autumn Colors, Prints And Patterns That Look Great On Curtains

Autumn Colors, Prints And Patterns That Look Great On Curtains

Αutumn is once again enveloping a large portion of the world in beautiful seasonal colors and, as the leaves on the trees and the vegetation change color, so does the interior dcor of our homes. We find ourselves wanting to bring in these beautiful shades and to refresh the dcor of our homes using the new trendy tones. Today we’ll explore the world of curtains and the ways in which autumn can become a part of our homes through them.

Orange is the most popular autumn−related color. it is the color of Halloween pumpkins and the one that makes us feel warm and cozy. This reason alone is enough to make orange a perfect color for the curtains in the bedroom. You can complement them with a few more touches of orange here and there spread throughout the room.

Orange is also a very cheerful and vibrant color which is why orange curtains are likely to brighten up the room and become the focal point there. When used in combination with other more neutral colors, it tends to stand out even more.{found on kennethdavis}.

On the other hand, when orange is used in combination with other colors that are similar to it such as shades of brown and orange, it tends to blend in and to lend the rest of the dcor some of its warmth. You can take advantage of that and use orange curtains in combination with other natural colors and materials.{found on casawasy}.

The orange and brown combination is a very successful one, being very suggestive of the dcor and ambiance that autumn sets on the landscape. Βring these two colors into your home and use them to create a comfortable and cozy ambiance. It helps if natural materials such as wood or stone are part of the design.{found on elementalarchitecture}.

Try to use a combination of bright and dark colors in order to create a pleasant balance in the room. Α dark orange shade on the curtains can be what keeps the dcor together while vibrant touches of yellow here and there can add a burst of energy.{found on amwdesignstudio}.

For a fresh and balanced dcor, add a contrasting color to the mix as well. For example, a bedroom that has vibrant orange curtains can also include shades of white, beige, brown and a little bit of turquoise, just so there is a hint of something different. Such a combination works regardless of the size of the room and can also suit guest bedrooms.

Α large social area infused with tones of brown, beige and green or yellow could use an accent color such as orange. In this case, the focal point comes in the form of full height curtains that cover up both the clerestory windows and the sliding doors. Their color seamlessly incorporates them into the dcor but not without offering them a lot of charm and character.{found on jsbrowndesign}.

You can also add a hint of autumn beauty to your home through pattern. Curtains that have leaves printed on them and feature colors such as orange, yellow and brown can be a strong indicative of the type of ambiance you are trying to create and this strategy can work really well in the case of home offices.

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