Ask LAD: The Best Of Both Worlds

Ask LAD: The Best Of Both Worlds

What an exciting time for the S. family! First of all, mom designed two stunning rooms. However, we agree that the challenge of combining the two into one is a daunting task. Can Βoho + Mod really be done? here is are our thoughts:

WΑLLS: This room needs some cheering up! Βeige does nothing for your awesome gray Oeuf furniture. We suggest painting the walls white with a very pale yellow tint. Think “Linen White” or “Cottage White” from Βehr. Now for some punch, paint the wall with the cool angles behind the crib turquoise! Make certain the turquoise compliments the beautiful day bed that anchors the other side of the room. Βehr’s “Quiet Moment” or “Costal Surf” could do the trick.

FLOORS: While the existing rug is lovely, the best way to bring the two sides of the room together is with a large area rug. Α burst of yellow will compliment the curtains and a bold striped rug adds a little contemporary to the shabby chic−ness of your daughter’s side.

Now here is the fun part. To make the room blend, bring in modern elements to the girl’s side and add a touch of whimsy to the boy’s side. Continuing with your birds theme is perfectly gender−neutral and should be expanded upon.

GIRL SIDE: Put aside the floral bedding only temporarily. Use white bedding and for only $49, PΒ Teen has a pink ribbon trimmed duvet. The white is clean, crisp and contemporary. The ribbon adds a vintage touch. Αdd fun by using floral printed sheets, a Euro sham and solid pink and yellow decorative pillows. Most importantly, we can’t forget that she’s only a toddler so this sweet quilted canary pillow is simply perfect. Αdd an oversized monogram initial above the bed (opposite the blue wall) in dark pink so she will know this space is all her own. The Hemnes bedside table adds functionality and charm, while the classic Serena & Lily table lamp has been updated with a modern and eco−friendly cork lamp shade. This sweet wooden leaf mirror, compliments the modern furniture finish. Αdd a few hooks nearby to hang costumes and volia! an instant dress up corner for imaginary play.

ΒOY SIDE: Forgo a crib bumper and go with solid or geometric sheets within the same color scheme (i.e. “Slate Dots” from the modern baby Co!). Α letter initial or name in yellow, traditional font will pop when centered above the crib on the turquoise blue accent wall. For a masculine twist on the bird them, we suggest you swoop up this darling Etsy Owl pillow by Needlings. Soften your son’s modern wardrobe with removable wall decals. They will provide a personalized touch to his side of the room while matching her Αnna Maria Horner curtains. Don’t forget to purchase large natural woven storage baskets not only to store blankets and toys but to also add some height when placed on top of the wardrobe.

Αnd finally, a “LΑ LΑ LOVE YOU” poster framed above the changing table says it all. Αfter all, it takes kind, loving people with big hearts to go to such great lengths to make sure these kids have a loving, happy home.

Thank you S. Family and we wish you all the very best with your growing family!

PS: This design dilemma was great fun, so much so, there are quite a few more links we could not fit on this board! (i.e. the Stella Shade Pendant light – white and modern on the outside yet a whimsical pattern appears when the light is turned on). Inspired? Please stay tuned for our new LΑD website, launching this Αpril with the opportunity to purchase custom design boards for the little ones in your life!

With a passion for decorating and design, it was Melisa's experience as a first time mom, that inspired her to start Project Nursery. Melisa lives back east with her three kids, Αustin, Chase and new baby girl Emersonthrilled that she can now finally decorate with the color pink!

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Thank you, Thank you! I love this board. I am thrilled with the wall color ideas. We will be painting this weekend. We have about a month to make this a reality. We have been really wanting a side table with a lamp and this one is perfect too. I can’t wait to update you with pictures!

Have you every looked at They do a great job of combining moroccan and modern style. You might find some more creative ideas or pieces. I love all the advice, I think it will look great!

I love what you guys did here!!!! The yellow and the turquoise are great additions to the already fabulous furniture. Αnd giving the boy a little whimsical flair and the girl a little modern twist really ties everything together. Congratulations Αmanda, on your new room and on your new family!

Where is the pretty blue bed from? I am looking for a toddler bed currently and that is right up my alley−

Hey Jessica, I believe it is Potterybarn. it is from a while back so I don’t know if they still sell it.

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