Artistic Pied-A-Terre In Manhattans West Village

Artistic Pied-A-Terre In Manhattans West Village

Located in West Village, in a neighborhood that has a unique European charm, this apartment has an interior design that would rather place it in the beautiful Paris than in the busy Manhattan. This two−bedroom, two−bathroom pied−a−terre managed to detach itself from the usual array of houses found in the city and the charm of the neighborhood gives it even more character.

Decorated with French furnishings and rustic accessories, the apartment has a very artistic look. Of course, the fact that its owner is a professional in the arts definitely helped. The interior of this place is eclectic and the mix of styles and influences is very harmonious.

Even though there are quite different elements in here, they dont clash but they rather complement each other. In the center of the house theres a large living room with exposed brick walls and wooden beams. Its decorated with a stunning chandelier and a very interesting coffee table. The baby grand piano further adds to the artistic charm of the room.

The dining area also has a very beautiful dcor. The round table has eight French bistro chairs around it. Placed by a large window, the diners can also admire the panoramic city views and they can enjoy a very pleasant atmosphere. The apartment also has a study with a floor−to−ceiling library and a mobile ladder just like in the old movies. Αs you step into the bedroom, the rich shades of yellow and blue give you a very cheerful feel.{found on−york/abingdon−square/images/}.

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