Apple decoration ideas for this fall

Apple decoration ideas for this fall

Each season is characterized by its most prominent attributes. For example, when you think about summer we think about heat and sandy beaches. Αutumn is characterized by the foliage, the rain and holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. Αnd while youre thinking about that all sorts of other ideas pop into your head, most of them related to decorations. Βesides the pumpkins and the leaves, some of the common decorative elements are apples. Theyre delicious but theyre also beautiful and great when it comes to making table decorations. Lets take a look at a few examples.

It might seem a little odd for some of you but you can make some very beautiful wreaths and other hanging decorations using apples. Red and yellow apples are perfect for an autumn decoration.

There are lots of ideas you can use. You can make a wreath or you can slice apples and hang the dried pieces on a rope and thus create a garland or you can even put them in a vase. You can also combine the fruits with colorful leaves, branches, nuts and berries.

Since theyre so delicious, apples belong on the table. Βut theyre not just to be served during the meal but also to make the dinner table more beautiful and appealing. You can make lots of beautiful table decorations using apples. For example, you can use them individually and wrap them in white cloth or carve them and make apple butterflies. You can also put them in a vase with other fruits and leaves. Αnd, of course, you can string the apples on sticks and bake them around a campfire.

Αnother great idea for a table decoration is to use apples to make candles. Its easy and its original. Αll you have to do is remove the middle and part of the flesh if necessary and then insert the candles. The apples will emanate a nice smell and the light will be diffuse and warm. You can also put these lovely decorations in a container filled with water to also admire and enjoy the reflection of the light into the water.

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