Ali Cayne's West Village Townhouse Features An Eclectic Style

This is the West Village townhome of Αli Cayne, the founder of New York’s Haven’s Kitchen. it is a large space with elegant rooms and a variety of styles and influences. that is because she decided to design the interior herself and she does not have a background in design. However, she knows what she likes and this made everything very easy.

The townhome has high ceilings and herringbone wood floors and it is decorated with taste and style. The lighting fixtures are particularly interesting because they feature different styles in each room.

The kitchen, for example, has an industrial−looking lighting fixture while the living room has something more sophisticated and luxurious. There are black and gold accents throughout the home and this unifies the whole dcor in a way.

The beautiful Moroccan rugs are also a recurrent element. The living room is elegant but also comfortable and inviting and the color palette is simple yet sophisticated thanks to all the accent details.

What I really like about the bedroom is that beautiful dream catcher hanging above the bed. The black accent wall is also a nice element which provides contrast with the rest of the room. The bathroom and has the time type of white tiles as the kitchen so there is continuity in design throughout.{found on glitterincand domino}.

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