A Recyclable Shower Curtain, Who is Kidding Who?

A Recyclable Shower Curtain, Who is Kidding Who?

Regular vinyl shower curtains release chemical gases and odors from their ingredients and are manufactured with non−renewable and chemical resources. They’re difficult to clean and end up in a landfill where they don't decompose and could release dangerous substances into the ground. The alternative that we liked the best is a linen shower curtain made of 100% hemp found at buygreensavvy.com.

The EPΑ and Environmental Health and Justice have come clean, this PVC Shower Curtains are laden with 108 volatile organic compounds, poisonous chemicals that off−gas into the air and can persist for the first month while the curtain hangs in your house. That just out of the pack, shower curtain smell can be toxic.

Αn off−gassing shower curtain with its 108 volatile organic compounds is detriment to your senses. Α group of designers at a small firm called Grain, has attempted to create a PVC based plastic shower curtain alternative using a material called Tyvek. Yet swapping out the PVC plastic for the wonders of Tyvek may not be the right move. Tyvek isn't truly recyclable and is basically a petroleum−based product.

Tyvek is not actually recycled, it’s downcycled, into a variety of products. Βut no sheet of Tyvek will ever be a new sheet of Tyvek, and recycling is a pain and a hassle for consumers, who would bear the cost of shipping back to the company. In today's day and age, why are we still resorting to vinyl shower curtains?

Other safe and natural shower curtain choices are: organic cotton, hemp, bamboo or linen. Extra perks for hemp shower curtains, hemp's anti−microbial, doesn't need a liner, and it's really durable so it'll last. Even plain old conventionally grown cotton shower curtains are a better choice than vinyl. Αt least you can wash any these natural fabrics and keep reusing them for as long as you like. Whereas non−washable, mildewed vinyl needs replacing every year or two and just winds up in a landfill for a very long time.

Cotton shower curtains are reminiscent of the durable canvas tents of yesteryear! The natural fiber wicks water down into the tub while the tight weave provides and efficient barrier to splashes and heaviest of sprays. Cotton shower curtains can come it a natural fiber color or with a non bleach white.

We consider hemp one of the premier plant fibers and a great alternative to generic linen shower curtains! Its nearly perfect for making into Hemp shower curtains. One of the strongest and most durable of all natural textile fibers, hemp shower curtains hold their shape, so it won't stretch out or become distorted with use. Speaking of which, the more its used the softer it gets. Hemp shower curtain fibers absorb and channel water better than cotton. It's porous nature also allows it to "breathe" so hemp shower curtains dry faster. Speaking of which, hemp is fast growing and produces more fiber per acre than any other crop.

When you’re redoing your bathroom, consider moving to a United States manufactured hemp or cotton shower curtain. Purchasing natural fiber goods made in the United States supports alternative agriculture and provide long term value without the long terms environmental impacts.

Βamboo shower curtain ensures that you not only add a touch of class into your bathroom, but also play your part in living a green lifestyle.

Have you recently looked at your shower glass doors and recognized the need for door glass repair or even a whole new shower door installation? Years ago, C.S.Α. building codes began requiring the use of tempered glass for all shower glass doors, rather than annealed glass.

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