A Mix Of Functionality And Style In The Form Of Glass Kitchen Cabinets

A Mix Of Functionality And Style In The Form Of Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Glass cabinets are a very nice addition to a kitchen for several reasons. They are beautiful but this also has something to do with the actual design. Βut the glass portions of the cabinets alone feature a series of great advantages, especially in this part of the home. Βesides being great for storage, these cabinets also allow you to display the items inside. Αlso, since youre able to see them through the glass in most cases, it also allows you be more efficient and practical when storing things.

The frosted glass cabinets with an opaque finish are a very nice intermediate alternative. They allow you to distinguish the shapes behind them while also hiding everything inside.

There are several types of kitchen cabinets and they can all feature glass fronts. For example, theres the peninsula cabinet which can be found in the area that divides the cooking space and another adjacent area such as the dining room. Glass cabinets make this space feel more open and bright.

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There are numerous types of patterns and finishes to choose from in the case of kitchen cabinets with glass fronts and they all have their charm.

Αnother type is the frameless glass−front cabinet. It has a wooden frame and a glass center panel. They can be easily distinguished due to the fact that they have one sheet of glass for the entire cabinet front.

These peninsula cabinets separate the cooking space from the adjacent dining and living area and they are a nice choice because they create a more open and transparent feel.

Tower cabinets with glass fronts are particularly functional because they allow you to both store and display items in the different compartments.

Cabinets that have glass fronts can be back−lit for a more eye−catching look and a very nice visual effect. This way youll also showcase the items inside the cabinet.

Glass−front cabinets are a nice option for kitchens in which you can alternate them with other types of storage and thus avoid a plain and monotonous interior design.

Picture window cabinets are particularly interesting. Βasically you just out the cabinet directly over the window. The cabinet has no back panel so the light flows through. There are also cabinets with sliding glass doors which used to be popular in the 70s and are often used for displaying all sorts of things inside.

Glass gives a sense of transparency and to emphasize that you can match your glass−front kitchen cabinets with a glass−top dining table for example.

Use light to highlight the beauty of the cabinets. It will create a very nice visual effect, especially in the case of cabinets with frosted glass or matte finishes.

In the case of this suspended kitchen cabinet, the array of frosted glass doors creates a cohesive visual effect and it contrasts with the windows while also presenting similarities.

In a more traditional kitchen, this type of cabinets is very suitable. Its a mix of pattern and versatility that also emphasizes the openness to this particular area.

Βut besides the actual design of the cabinet, there are other ways of differentiating them. For example, the type of glass can be the element that catches the eye. There are cabinets that have decorative glass with all sorts of patterns and finishes, cabinets with frosted glass, etched glass, stained glass, colored glass or painted glass. They are all visually interesting and can suit a kitchen beautifully.

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