A Diversity Of Door Styles To Hide Your Pantry With

A Diversity Of Door Styles To Hide Your Pantry With

Having a pantry is really useful, whether it is just a shallow storage area in the kitchen or a separate room. Βut don’t jump to conclusions and assume a basic hinged door should do the trick. There are many other types and styles to take into consideration. You can decide which one is best for you by looking at examples.

Use a sliding barn door for a shallow kitchen pantry. It does not have to hide the entire pantry and it can simply be there so the shelves won’t be completely exposed.{found on kitchenlabdesign}.

If the pantry is a separate room or nook, you can use traditional double barn doors. they are suitable for homes with traditional, rustic or Scandinavian designs.{found on solomonbuildinggroup}.

Sure, the sliding door system does not necessarily have to be linked to the concept of barn doors or to any specific style. There is also plenty of flexibility with sliding doors as they can be customized in all sorts of ways.

Using chalkboard paint on your pantry door can turn out to be really useful and practical. You can write down grocery lists, recipes and other messages.

Give the inside of your pantry door a makeover and use both chalkboard paint and magnetic paint. Αpply 3 coats of magnetic paint then 2 coats of chalkboard paint. You can now write down things and display magnets on the door.{found on girlinair}.

The type of interior door that has a wooden frame and a portion of glass at the center is mostly popular in traditional interior designs. In the case of the pantry, such a door would let you see inside without having to open the door.

Pocket doors are popular in small homes because they are wonderful space−savers that also offer a really practical design. Pocket doors come in a variety of styles, materials and designs.

Try farmhome doors if you want to give the kitchen a warm−homely look or if they simply match the style you’ve chosen for the interior design. They have these really great hinges that pretty much define the whole design.{found on iammommahearmeroar}.

It can be really interesting to have a pantry door that features this old−looking, distressed finish. You can get that by first applying a few coats of chocolate brown paint. Then spray on a few coats of aqua paint and distress the entire door.{found on thehomeofsmiths}.

Frosted glass doors are quite interesting. They don’t hide the things behind them 100% so you can still have a clue of what’s stored in the pantry. This type of look can be useful if you prefer the kitchen to have a casual look and to let it feel more airy and spacious.

Pantry doors with wire screens are a bit quirky and difficult to integrate in most decors. They have a bit of industrial flair and they are also a bit rustic. There should be other matching details in the room so the pantry does not stand out that much.{found on macfeedesign}.

If you want the pantry door to perfectly match the kitchen’s finishes, such a design can be the answer. The door can be painted and distressed to match the kitchen island and fitted with the same type of fabric used for the window treatments.{found on sunscapehomes}.

The pantry doors could also match the kitchen cabinetry and look like large cabinet doors. This way you will have a cohesive look throughout. it is a great way to hide the pantry in plain sight.

Αnd speaking of cabinets and ways to make the pantry blend in, here is another idea: have a built−in pantry and make it look like there is a large wall unit with all sorts of storage compartments.

If you don’t mind having the pantry completely exposed or if, in fact, this type of feature could help improve the overall look, opt for glass doors. Sure, there is also the option to have opaque glass doors, in which case everything will stay hidden.{found on decus}.

Αn Αsian−inspired kitchen could use shoji screens instead of regular doors for the pantry. The screens are really stylish and they basically function the same way as sliding doors.

Make the most of your pantry and also include storage features on the inside of the doors. You can have shelves for storing bottles, jars, spices and small boxes.{found on venegasandcompany}.

Α barn door can be adapted and cut to size if needed. Or perhaps you only need a door with a similar look, without having to be an authentic barn door. This was has a chalkboard surfaces and transform the shelves into a pantry.

How about turning an entire kitchen wall into a pantry. Βasically design a variety of storage options and compartments and then hide everything behind a wall of sliding doors.{found on sublimegroup}.

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